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Listening to Music can Enhance the Productivity of a Person while Performing a task?

Yes, it can. Especially video game music, because it's designed to be played softly in the background and keep you engaged in what's going on.

Best advice I ever got in this regards is to make two playlists, one being 'field music' and one being 'boss music'. Fill the field music playlist with soft game music, and the boss music playlist with boss battle songs or combat music. Try to avoid stuff with lyrics of any kind if you can.

While working on mundane tasks have the field music playlist going softly. Again, video game music especially is designed to be flowy and keep you engaged without being intrusive. When you have a deadline? Put on that boss music.

I actually did this once I read that particular bit of advice with music from my favorite games and more added over time as I found more games and thus more music. It works well, I have something as sort of 'background noise' without needing to pay attention because it's songs I know and love and I've seen an uptick in my productivity since I started doing that.


This is very true in my case. I have measured my productivity especially when I am typing on my computer. I am always slow when i am so focused on what i am foing with no music on. The minute i connect my headsets and play a song, everything changes and the whole atmosphere does. My productivity does not only increase but my work time increases too and I actually enjoy what I do.

This is also a similar phenomenon when U am washing the dishes in the Kitchen, cleaning the house or doing any house chore. I am always slow and the whole thing becomes boring fpr me but when I am working with music, there is uncreased efficiency and effectivity. I enjoy what I do and even wish I don't stop.

Music is the one thing that makes my work even easier and enjoyable. It really imoroves on my productivity in carrying out so many tasks. It has gotten to a level that I csn hardly work without music.