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Putting in So much Time for Academic Education. Is it Worthy enough! Did it Teach you something which could be Applicable in your Daily life?

In my mind, it depends on the education and what you are studying. If you are taking classes in underwater basket weaving, is that applicable in daily life? Maybe, but I don't think so. If you are interested in getting into marketing as a career and you take marketing classes then that likely can be applicable in daily life. For me, going to college was about filling in the gaps that I had in my knowledge acquired from real world experience. And I met people that have helped me on my business journey while in school. School for me wasn't just about the learning that I found in books or in lectures. It was about the learning that took place in the time between lectures and from the interactions with the students around me that had different life experience than I did. I still talk to many of the friends that I made years ago in college and even started businesses with a couple of them. So, it depends on what you plan on studying and what you want to learn from acquiring an education. Would I pay the money for a formal education if I was just going there to read books? No, I wouldn't. But, I would pay the money to meet instructors that are actively working in the field and students that are on the same path in life as I am. 

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We may not directly be practicing what we studied in school but going to school sure gives us an hedge over others who didn't.


Well, ROBERT KIYOSAKI in Rich Dad Poor Dad said "within the walls of the school, you learn to manage another person money and outside the walls on the street, you learn to make your own money" academic education in its own way has its own benefits too. For you learn how to manage everything you will accumulate on the street. Academic education helps you to prepare yourself for the future that is to come. Academic education helps you to know the dos and don'ts of the streets. The academic education for those who acquire it is like a stepping stone for them, in the school, they get to make connections so that when they go to the streets to take over, they have people to help them stay afloat in the street. Academic education is beneficial because some people actually use it as their source of livelihood.


“Is it worthy enough?”

Question mark, not exclamation mark.

Depends on the individual’s unique path. To some, yes. To others, no.

Largely depends on how applicable the education is to their interests, passions, and career path. If it was/is essential to getting a specific job - for example a doctor or lawyer - than absolutely. If something more generic like a Bachelor or Arts, then probably not so much. Or if one were to purse an entrepreneurial path, formal education might be more of a waste of time that could be better invested in real life experience...


Every formal academic exercise like Subjects and Courses as studied in Schools have everyday application to our daily existence. Indeed, Every course is very necessary to a successful Life.

But when knowledge acquired in schools are not understood , nor properly applied; it becomes mere academic exercise which may not impact life positively. When this is the case; academic learning becomes "USELESS"!!

The foregoing, notwithstanding , every development in the world is directly hinged to organised learning as thaught in formal schools. The bottom line therefore is that Economic fortunes can't be acquired at sustainable level without formal school education. Can you immagine a mechanical engineer or Physician Without formal education??


Actually, there are many advantages, I have gotten and still getting from my academic education:

  • I learnt to read, write, speak English ... which makes it easy to communicate with the people outside my country, which boosted up my professional progress.
  • I started my professional life from a better starting point, financially and position/designation wise, comparatively to those who didn't get the academic education and/or who wasn't educated to my level.
  • As I progressed with my education, I met many brilliant class fellows and got new ideas and thoughts. We were/are used to discuss our daily life problems/issues and come to a better solution. Surely, I met many outstanding people outside my academic education period, but they are the most trusted ones.
  • Academic education polished my thoughts & point of views about many daily life objects like what to eat to get what minerals, vitamins etc.

List is almost endless if you start counting.

Thanks & Have a lovely day.


Actually made a similar post via a social media thanking my parents for providing educational for me, that is sending me to school even most times when I refused to go.

Education can be anything from simple learning how to read and write which I consider one of the most important aspect of education, for without it I doubt I would have been able to join the steem blockchain or even reply/respond to this post.

Words will seem kind of strange to me and I doubt I will be able to meet and interact with the different individuals today on the different dapps now available on the steem blockchain

Truly education is really important and it most not be limited to you having a million dollar paying job for you to classify it as been important.


@Sweven, Ultimately it depends upon the Education System and most importantly the way teachers Transferring knowledge. Stay blessed. 🙂


I learnt that Education is the best alacrity. With your educational background you can dine with kings, even without a dime in your pocket., because Education night have polished your brain and speech organ.