WILL it be MORE PROFITABLE publishing quality contents as a book through self-publishing platforms instead of posting them on STEEMIT?
No doubt Steemit is a good platform for monetizing creative quality contents. Some people are good at writing quality content consistently and they gain phenomenal upvotes (more than $10 per post) from readers (i.e. not self-upvote in any form) on a constant basis. However, as self-publishing platforms like Amazon and Lulu that offer low commission fees and less censorship (compared to traditional publishing agencies) to writers become more and more popular, book publishing becomes highly accessible to almost anyone. As such, I am wondering whether IF it will be more profitable to collate these quality contents into a book and self-publish it instead of publishing them on Steemit as separate posts?

Well, it all depends. Do you have your manuscript ready? Do you have the fund to facilitate your book being published? It is a rigorous process many are not willing to take.

Blogs have revolutionized the way people share their work. I really don't think getting published is that profitability for many as many have observed the reading culture is dwindling. We live in the jet age, people want quick and fast information. Most people cannot get past a 500words article talk less about a whole book. So that's where blogs come in, for creative writers. You can gain an audience and exposure without any major cost. Many authors are exploring this new avenue.

Steemit(not steem) as a blogging site has given many the opportunity to earn from their content. There is no guarantee that you might earn something substantial from publishing a book but I'm certain that if you try and work here you will earn something decent for yourself.

There other self-publishing platforms like steemit but they are not as lucrative. Also, you may not have total control of your content. So when you weigh your options you will come to a conclusion that this is the right place to be.


This really depends on what you deem profitable and what parameters you measure it based on.

Steemit allows you to earn rewards for 7 days after making a post, but after that you can no longer earn from a post. In that regards a self publishing platform would likely give you more profit long term. 

However, Steemit does give you the ability to get rewarded instantly and if your content is good you can build up a reputation in the community and build your rewards as you go. On top of that, if the value of steem goes up over time, that $1 of steem you earn today might be worth $2 a few months from now.

The opposite is also true though. That $1 steem you earn today might only be worth 50 cents in a few weeks, that the nature of the volatility of crypto.


just do both and let the experience tell you. Why choose either one, use as many platform to distribute your content and get attention.


 Let's compare:

Steemit only has accumulated upvote time for 7 days, so this will not be optimal for your income.

Well, this is different if your book is really interesting and can attract the market. So that I think is more profitable to place it on self-publishing platform.

However, if you can write it on both platforms, why not do it?