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What is displayed on TV and good for children to watch?

The media today has been a great tool which may either influence the lives of our kids positively or negatively. Research has shown that most kids and young ones adopt most of their characters from what they see or watch from the media which makes them want to practice the same. This implies that if we want our kids or young ones to be influenced positively, we have to be mindful about what they watch or view in the Television.

I would recommend the below TV displayed shows for children to watch as it will have great impact on the lives of your children.

1) DOCUMENTARY: You have to enable the children have knowledge about things around the world due to the research made by researchers, scientists and other experts in field. This will impact the knowledge of children academically and it makes them know more about different things and places around the world.

2) WILD LIFE : Almost all kids loves to watch wild animals like Lion feeding on other prey. Children love to it when the Lions attack and feed on their prey. The fact is that this is adding more knowledge for the kids as they are able to see some wild animals like Lions, Leopard, Tiger, Jackal and many others even though they might not have the chance to see them physically.

3) NEWS: Almost all kids including myself hates to listen to news. I think our kids also needs to know what is happening in our country and also in the world. We all know that kids will surely get bored when listening to news or they might not even show any interest. I suggest we call everyone in the family and sit them down just to listen to the news together even though it is just for 5-10 mins headlines. This will enable the children to know more about the world and such child is automatically updated about anything happening in the world.

4) EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: We are now in a world whereby learning deems to be very easy for us compared to our fore fathers. You can also enable your children to learn more through the use of Television by making them watch academic tutorial shows, Quiz competition, educational related programs and many others. When kids watch Quiz shows, it makes them get motivated to study so that they can represent their schools with the hope of showing them on TV.

Watching Educational programs had really helped me a lot when I was a kid. There were times I would ย tune to Maths Quiz shows and I will start solving Mathematics in my room and to provide answers to the questions being asked in the Television just as if I am part of the student undergoing the test quiz. Educational show is very important in the lives of our kids as it develops them academically and it motivates them.

5) MOTIVATIONAL SHOWS : Some Kids may also find this boring but motivational shows helps to impact the lives of the kids. It gives them motivation to keep them ready for what life may throw against them. Motivation is the key to success and we can make our kids successful by motivating them and if we can't do that, the Television will help us do that.

6) RELIGIOUS SHOWS: Religion plays a vital role in the life of a kid because it teaches them to be a good person and a person of positive impact to the world. We can tune to a very positive preaching that will enable the kids to feel impacted spiritually and physically which reflects in their mode of living.

7) INSPIRATIONAL MOVIES: We have to be very careful with the type of movies we watch with our kids because movies and music are the greatest tools that influences the life of a kids when it comes to viewing. Always make sure you are mindful of the movies you watch with them. I recommend you watch beneficial movies which will make them learn more about life and this will add more to their experience about life.

8) CARTOONS: If cartoon wasn't on these lists, I think I should be punished by the kids all over the world ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ. Cartoon is just something kids can't ย do without. I also love watching cartoons when I was a kid and I was always happy watching it because I do feel very lively. I can remember I watched the whole episode of Tom and Jerry, Superman, Batman, Justice League and may others. The funniest part about this is that we still have some adults watching cartoons despite their grown age ๐Ÿ˜‘. All kids love to watch Cartoons and there is no way you can take that away from them except you don't have a Television ๐Ÿ˜Š.

In conclusion, the kind of shows our kids watch on TV may influence them positively or negatively. We just have to be very careful and mindful a about what they watch and view on the Television.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.



Most cartoons are pretty safe for children, especially the ones specifically made for children. However, itis recommended that you sit with the children while they watch and pay attention to any change in behavior and speech.

Educational shows

Growing up, there used to be lots of educational shows on TV, especially Saturday mornings. You can check your local stations to see if they still air such shows. If they do, it's something that would be beneficial to your wards


Smart select children's TV shows

When a child is alone watching TV, try to observe what programs he watches, and how long he has watched TV. It is better, Mama determine the duration of watching TV which is ideal for children, and choose educational and calming events for children. The best spectacle for children is an event consisting of singing and dancing.

Avoid advertisements

According to research, children under the age of 6 cannot distinguish between advertisements and television shows, so it is best to direct children to watch TV channels that are few or no. The danger, often the ads displayed on the channel for children display ads for unhealthy foods.

Watch TV together

TV can also be used as a tool, so Mama can buy DVDs for interesting children's shows, and can educate children. Ask people to watch with children, and make this a routine habit at home. But it's best not to restart the TV after watching a DVD. Invite the child to do activities that make him active.

Tell the reason to turn off the TV

Do not turn off the TV for no reason because it will only make children confused. Give your child the understanding that there is a duration of watching TV set by you, and explain to other activities that he can do besides watching TV. It's good if Mama has told about the number of programs that will be watched so that children understand the limits.

Use TV to support other activities

If you are worried that your child doesn't move much because you watch TV too much, try installing TV shows that support the child to move. Mama and daddy also move to make children eager to move.

Give an example

If you don't want your child to watch TV for too long, show him that you don't watch TV too long. For example, Mama can show it by turning off the TV while eating.