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What is your greatest weakness?

Oh wow, I've got lots of weaknesses, so many that sometimes I wonder if there's something g wrong with me. Honestly if I had to pick one of my weaknesses as my major one, it would have to be the fact that I'm too loyal to people.

In the past I've had a lot of toxic people around me who took advantage of my loyalty and used me until there wasn't anything left to use, but I still remained loyal to then and that's because I believe that if I call you my friend then I should always be there for you.

I've long since gotten over this, but anytime I let someone get very close to me, especially in relationships, there's always the possibility that that person could use me and I'll end up being somewhat of a "loyal fool", that's my greatest weakness.

I hope this helps.


I feel that my biggest weakness is that I am too critical of my own work. I am always committed to providing the best performance without the slightest error. Even though this is good for the company, it can sometimes be excessive. "