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What do you think are the most important rules to life?

I think there are essentially no important life rules other than the one we make in order to live, thrive and exist one of the most important things in life is actually to stay alive however I do not believe this to be a rule I only believe this to be a determination of a person. I do believe that with life comes everything and before one can make any rule for himself in life he must first of all make the rule and the determination to stay alive and they must take all necessary measures in order to ensure you stay alive to actually make other rules for yourself.

However since you called it a rule I would definitely say the first would be to stay alive and if I am going to choose the second one I will definitely say the second rule would be to thrive to stay happy and fulfilled. There is nothing like being happy and living a fulfilled life so I say in life people must strive hard in order to stay happy and fulfilled this would actually be a role in their life if they are going to influence the world, the society and themselves because I also believe happiness is the key to unlocking most doors so people should make a rule to always stay happy else they may lose the essence or the the purpose to stay alive.

The third one should be to respect human rights of your fellow human being. I think there are so many violence in the world and I think the reasons to this violence is because people hardly respect or tolerate the human rights of other people . before the world can actually be free from terrorism and killings people must make it an individual rule for them to respect the value of life and its respect the human rights of other people because when we see the value and essence of the life of people and what their families may feel when they are no longer around . in other words people should make it a rule to value the life and human rights of other people because violence in the life we are living is too much and making this rule individually for every personality can actually end it


1...if anyone around you is a liability, just exactly like a rotting limb -you need to really cut them off

2...always learn to Educate your mind frequently...

3....make sure you Have someone who is a world-class coach,a mentor and a Trainer

4...always make sure you Think with your Head, then ensure you Act with your Heart and also Function well with your Spirit..

5...Live your life everyday as if it were going to be your last day on earth...

6...If you know that you are not happy with something then you really have to change it as soon as possible But make sure you never nag about it......

7...if you are really uncomfortable and you are obviously in pain- you will someday become better, bolder and also stronger.....

8.....if you ensure you face your fears - your fears will definitely run away....

9.......reputation,character,trust,Integrity, - if it is Once broken -then it is over...

10....always learn to be yourself and always be the best you can be every single time...


Respect would probably be the most important rule. No matter where you are or what you believe in, it is always good to have a good sense of respect towards other people's beliefs. You don't necessarily have to agree with everyone but you certainly do not have to argue with everyone if their ideals contrast to yours.