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How can a person make his or life easier?

Having in mind that problems and challenges will always come your way. The only reason so many people are so down and life seems to be so difficult and unbearable is because they fail to accept the fact that problems and challenges will always come. So they live life ignorant of this fact and when these challenges come, it meets them unprepared and thus sweeps them off their feet. That is when life seems very difficult for most people.

There is nothing as difficult as facing something you are not prepared for or are not ready to accept.  The earlier we all accept the fact that life in general is not easy and will never be easy is the key. Once we accept this, we are already doing so much in making our lives easy and thus, when we face challenges or problems, we face them with more control and a piece of mind.

An example is, I have a friend who has been through a lot. The first few times he faced real hardship, he really cried over it and was down for a few days. But he soon realized that these things will always come and the minute he accepted that fact, life has been much easier as he handles everything that comes his way with maturity and a piece of mind. He let's nothing worry him that much anymore.


Well I would say firstly you have to reduce or leave some certain things you normally do frequently so as to make it easy and simple for you before any other step.

We live in a fast-paced world that is all about instant feedback and gratification. Take time to escape the rat race by slowing down and unwinding at some point during the day. Sit outside on the porch to read the paper and drink your morning coffee for a nice, peaceful start to your day.

Always focus on things you are always passionate about inorder to keep yourself happy at always.


Concentrate on what you can control

Your days are loaded up with arbitrary occasions that are out of your control. Getting sincerely and rationally worked up over them is a misuse of vitality. Fellow swerves and cuts you off in rush hour gridlock? Assume the best about him and expect he has a friend or family member sitting tight for him in the healing facility. Get managed take Aces and lose to stash Kings? That happens 20% of the time; be glad you got your cash in great.

You will most likely be unable to control the end result for you, yet you can control how you respond. That itself can regularly be the main factor between results.

2. Maintain a strategic distance from poisonous individuals

Vampires do exist. They are the general population who deplete you of your vitality, close down your thoughts, whine constant, and radiate antagonism at whatever point they can. Life is simpler when you're encompassed by constructive individuals who attempt to lift you up as opposed to cut you down. Who you connect with has a huge impact in who you move toward becoming.

3. Care less about the sentiments of others

We get things done so regularly dependent on the view of others. We pursue the slippery activity for distinction and that mark name vehicle for regard. Online networking compounds this - we care less about the show before us than how we'll be seen for going to it; we care less about the picturesque view before us than what number of preferences it'll collect.

Find what your qualities are and be substance to satisfy them without the outside impact of what others think. In the event that you discover pleasure in an especially odd diversion, do what needs to be done.

4....self-education....learn to instruct yourself in other to know about specific things in life which would make life simpler for you...

5. Stay away from the terrible news

News is discouraging, deceiving, and to a great extent unessential. It degrades you from point #1 which is to concentrate on what you can control. We as a whole realize the world is defective and disasters are occurring at this very moment. Being always "educated" of this improves us no off than previously. For further perusing on for what reason to keep away from the news, I composed a blog entry on Quora about it here: Stop-Following-the-News

6. Get open to stating no

Acknowledge less invites to go out in the event that you'd preferably want to stay at home. I have a propensity for saying 'yes' when individuals welcome me to an occasion I'd preferably not go to but rather is far sufficiently away that I'll simply manage it later.

Treat your time as the profitable item it seems to be, regardless of whether it implies ensuring it with 'no'.

7. Timetable your day

This may not work for everybody, but rather a couple of individuals I realize live off their schedules. They input squares of time where they'll take a shot at explicit assignments. The advantage of this is you know precisely what you ought to do at pretty much each hour of the day heretofore. Indeed, this implies they likewise plan "available time." Try it and check whether it works for you.

8. Have a solid emotionally supportive network

Regardless of whether it's family or companions or tutors, having individuals you trust for guidance can make life a lot less demanding. For the most part the best exhortation originates from somebody who was in your shoes previously and has carried on with an actual existence you'd need for yourself. A couple of words all over can truly shave a long time off the expectation to absorb information and spare you a great deal of dissatisfaction and squandered exertion.

9. Make 'today' to a greater extent a need

Such a large number of individuals experience life sitting tight for "sometime in the future." Some day they'll have the capacity to venture to the far corners of the planet. Some time or another they'll discover the adoration for their life. Some time or another t

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Try to simplify and understamd things, that is what works for me. If you having for example problems with A, ask yourself, is this really inportant to waste my energy on or is it better to use my energy elswere and drop A. If A is important, ask yourself why are you having problems with A and how can you prevent it for the next time.

Just, simplefy things and life will be simple, but off course this doesn't work for everybody eh.