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What is your greatest asset in life?

I'll go by the famous proverb - "Health is Wealth". I have got a number of reasons to consider health as my greatest asset in life. I'm not going to talk about all of them but will give you the reason as to why I consider health as my biggest & the greatest asset in life. 

The money will come and go i.e. you can earn money at any point in time - But imagine if you are not in the best of health - Can we earn money? No right!

Now see another scenario - A rich person who has billions of dollars can he save himself from a life taking disease. No right! All that money is waste for him when he cannot get himself in the best of health.

The slightest pain in our body makes us feel so bad and irritated that we cannot do anything. Money can buy you some time in terms of medication etc..but cannot get you the best health that you are in need of while facing the critical health issues.

So summing it up as follows - Health is your all-time Wealth & for me it the greatest asset of my life that should be taken due care off.

Most important in life = Kids

Most beautiful attire = Smile

Greatest Asset = Health

Most powerful force = love & peace


My greatest asset is my family. Our relationship is irreplaceable and the bond we share unbreakable.

My immediate family has been very supportive of me emotionally, physically and even as a Christian. My Family is my greatest asset because I can always rely on them


I believe the greatest asset in life, is life itself, and good health. 

I'm grateful to have my health, and I'm grateful to have healthy kids. To me, these two aspects of life, are the most priceless assets one can hope for.