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What is the biggest trap that a person can fall into in life?

According to my experience, I would say the biggest trap that a person can fall into in life is - "The Money Trap". Yes, I call it a money trap because if a person falls into this trap then there are certain things that cannot be avoided and could lead to a miserable or an unhappy life.

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We should always remember that Money isn't everything. It's good to have but running after it always will lead to difficult situations and ultimately problems in life. The fact is that we should make our lives simple and easy and let money run after you rather than we running after money. 

It's hard to believe that how we can make money run after us - But there are people who are calm, successful, happy, enjoying life, working for the welfare of the society and doing all the good things in life and for them, the Money is simply pouring in. It's simple - do good, be simple, work hard and things follow. 

People at times make things difficult and in greed for money starts making things complex - by complex I mean people start finding ways to cheat, fraud, adulteration, corruption, and all the nonethical ways to earn more Money. And so starts the problem and the Money Trap. 

Greed, jealousy, hatred, fraud, unpleasant environment, negativity, and all the bad things lead to problems and complexities making life difficult, unpleasant and miserable. Why all this? And not a simple happy life! 

To sum it up - Money Trap = Problems and unhappiness And whereas

Simplicity, hard work, serenity = Happiness, And things follow. So just beware of this Money Trap - As there is no end to our desires and wants it just keeping asking for more and more and especially with More and More Money things start getting harder and complex.


 The biggest trap in life is the words "Too" or "excessive".

If the word is juxtaposed with the bad nature of humans will be able to cause major disasters. Let's take 2 examples:

Too arrogant

Will keep away from friendship, creating new enemies in your life without you even knowing it.

Too greedy

Everyone certainly does not like greedy people, let alone too greedy. This is actually a poison in yourself.

In addition, there are still many other bad qualities that might be a trap for your life.

The word overload also has a bad effect when juxtaposed with even good qualities. Like: "too good" will cause insecurity for your life because you trust anyone, and this is dangerous. 


This is an opinion based answer. 

Depending on others.

We all have a need to depend on others during the course of our lives. It's part of the social factor that is so prevalent within our species, but self sufficiency is also important, due to our competitive nature. 

It is important to have the ability to  differentiate between good dependence, bad dependence, and balanced dependence. 


You should depend on a waitress to serve you food in a restaurant.

You should not depend on this same waitress to buy your groceries.

To depend too heavily on others, sets a major trap for oneself. If the fabric of your existence is resting on the shoulders of others, this will likely end badly. I suggest, you do not let yourself fall into this trap if you can avoid it!


The biggest trap a person can fall into is drugs.I have seen so many lives getting destroyed because of drugs.I often read that people killing their family or parents when they refused them to pay for drugs.

After getting caught by police many addicts have given their statement that they weren't aware of what they were doing.Once person start taking drugs it becomes so difficult for them to escape from it.

There was a case,which I have read in the newspaper where a young girl aged just 16,killed her parents,as they didn't allow her to take drugs anymore.

She was sent to 'Rehab' and 'Support center' many times.Still,she just couldn't recover,she was a heroine addict as she was rich.Some low life ex-boyfriend of her introduced her to drugs so that he can take advantage of her.

I have seen men killing their wives and children for drugs and later they regretted for their action.After all,drugs is the biggest trap a person can ever fall into in his or her life.

So my friend no matter what happens in your life never take drugs.       



For me the biggest trap one could fall into in life is : Hubris or excessive pride/self-confidence

There are times in our life where we get too confident on our experiences and knowledge that we start to get cocky and even show it off to others. Of course it's not really an issue if you could pull it off, however it is at this times that we start to miscalculate things and not see any unforseable variables.

Excessive self-confidence added with excessive pride is probably the most dangerous combination one could fall into later in life.


Every man gets trapped in life. This man comes to life without knowing it. But it can happen for a variety of reasons. For example:

♥ If people of love do not believe you in mind. You play with love. Then you can face different snares.

♥ If you have an old enemy you can fall into the trap because he will always try to put you in danger.

♥ Friends can be more than a victim. Therefore, before making friends, you have to choose the verification.

Every person should trust most parents in life.