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Can smoking of marijuana lead to death?

Alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous, but most authority look down upon it. 

The graph below (which I got from Hufftington Post) clearly shows that 10 dose of alcohol is lethal compared to other drugs. 

According to 2006 study in American Scientist Marijuana is less toxic than most intoxicant.

For more info on marijuana lethal dose: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/marijuana-lethal-dose_us_58f4ec07e4b0b9e9848d6297


There are no records in history of anyone dying from the active ingredient in marijuana which is THC. Smoking itself is harmful and could probably kill you just cause smoking itself is harmful. You can get around this by using a vaporizer or by eating marjuana in a snack or food after preparing the marijuana by frying it in some kind of fat like butter. You can take insane amounts of THC these days by consuming butane hash oil made from good weed and no you won't die unless there impurities in the hash oil or worst case scenario you will have a bad trip and get a panic attack but you probably won't die. You are.more.likely.to die from coffee than from marijuana, but even that scenario is quite unlikely.


well i am not very certain if the smoking of marijuana  can lead to death but for now there is no very specific scientific facts that smoking of marijuana have led to  a major cause of death though it is very possible for it to happen but i have personally not seen such facts,so i will keep my fingers crossed until i see the facts that smoking of marijuana can lead to death...


Living leads to death, and marijuana is on the lower spectrum of things that are an immediate risk to your health. 

Smoke a joint, odds are good you will wake up tomorrow.