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What truly makes you happy and matters in ways people just don't understand? ?
I mean, i just asked because people find what matters to me irrelevant.

Some people don't understand the importance of Free Speech

as a matter of a fact, it is a growing trend, especially among the young educated people, to work against individuals freedom to express their thoughts unharrased.

If there's an idea that will lead to death and suffering of whole groups of people, then the correct approach is to engage and challenge such idea, rather than ban and prohibit from being discussed.

For a person that don't understand why Fascism is Wrong, criminalizing the idea sure makes it look like a forbidden fruit.

If prohibition of drugs don't stop people from becoming addicted and leads to corruption of the governments by mob, imagine what prohibition of thought could lead to

It will lead to things like European Union, a quasi-Empire employing near fascist policies, censorship, soon it's own army, and with most of the power put in hands of people who were not elected to office and there's no mechanism of removing them, like you'd expect from a democracy.

Yeah, but fascism is illegal y'all, so Jean-Claude Juncker talking about preserving European Identity as a priority must be a liberal position, right?


One thing that makes me really makes me happy is when I see people who threat others valuable regardless of age, tribe , race or color. It really turns my mood seeing that people realise that humanity is one and thus deserving our honour and reverence. I am alway happy when I have the opportunity to prove this fact that humanity is one and we can equally love show respect to all regardless of their colour, age, sex or tribe.

On the other hands this mindset has helped shaped my attitude towards others which at times has provoked a positive reaction from other towards me. Sometimes people wonder if I ever get angry because what easily get them provoked due to discrimination only means a opportunity for me prove my point.


Happiness is relative term. 

Happiness is referred as a positive state of mind or pleasant emotions or mood.

With time or occurrence of some events, the state of mind also changes. So we can’t say that a person is happy forever or unhappy forever. 

As for as I’m concerned I find happiness in small moments of life like:- 

A giggle on the face for my child makes me happy.

Accomplishing some goal can make me happy.

Helping others and seeing a smile on someone face.

A small family event makes me happy.

Seeing little achievements of my child.

To me happiness is all around us. It’s up to us to find them and make our life happy.  


I believe everyone has their own definition of being happy. To answer this question, I will narrow it down to an instance that I can say would make me happy.

I feel happy when I accomplishment an achievement, whenever I fullfil a goal that took a lot of my time & energy to achieve. It's not the tangible reward that really makes me happy, instead it's knowing that my idea did actually worked. As simple as that. :)


Hearing people talk about their own self awareness and how conscious they are about their surroundings. Their perceptions about the way they interact with the world, their self concept, and things that are realized when they start being aware about their own thinking patterns and the people around them. 


For me this has got to be contradictions.

People find this really strange and most times tell me i live to see people go against all they stand for or things they say.

People just feel they can say or do things at one moment and feel life is just a straight road and there's nothing to hinder whatever steps are taken to stand for a particular thing.

Even the Bible is full of contradictions, let alone a mere human being. While i was in camp, i had the honour of meeting a social theorist and he followed most if not all the theories he had come across to the letter.

I respected his beliefs until he told me even love follows a theory. I was whipped mentally and wondered how he believed most of all he knew and the fact that these theories are in the past and people have proven some of them wrong.

I was always internally mortified when he'd tell me about what he stood for. So i played the long game and waited. I wanted very much to see him unravel and question his beliefs.

It all worked perfectly as he fell in love with me and for each action i asked what theory he would connect it to but he couldn't. He couldn't understand how he contradicted himself so much that he questioned his beliefs.

Today, he is still the theorist i met but he sees things very differently now.