Could science decide great and awful/fiendish without the religion ethics?
On the off chance that indeed, by what method should science measure that? or on the other hand which logical tenets would be utilized to decide great from terrible/malicious? Or on the other hand how could the science world confirmation what is great and what is awful/fiendish without utilizing religion ethics? Or on the other hand how could religion verification without utilizing logical proof about what is great and what is terrible? Or on the other hand is this the proof that science can't be without religion and religion can't be without science? What do you think? *i altered the inquiry to change good and bad into great and awful, sad some of the time my English is similarly in the same class as my Chinese!

Science cannot be the source of ethics because science deals in the "what is" as opposed to "what ought to be" but it is not strictly necessary for ethics to originate in religion, either. In practice, much of the ethical underpinnings from modern secular welfare states have been transmitted through the teachings of Jesus Christ. But those teachings, the Golden Rule included, are common sense and based on compassion, which is also taught in other religions like Buddhism and Taoism, for example. Much of workable ethics can be derived from the idea that other people should be recognized as deserving of dignity and rights like oneself. Otherwise the content of ethics found in different societies and in different times seem to be subject to adaptations to external realities and products of random factors or distorted by base human drives. This is evidenced by the fact that Christians have behaved in very un-Christian ways toward each other and other cultures in the past. 


Yes I am convinced that science can do without religion. You do not necessarily have to follow a religion in order to have an ethic mindset, act or behave on an ethical way.

One can have ethics and common decency without being a believer of one of the worlds religious groups.

However science should always use common decency or ethics in order to decide what is good or bad.