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In a computer there is certainly a client and server name. This client and server are arguably two interconnected things. In general, the server is the provision of various kinds of data and other things that are always needed by the client. Servers are needed to connect a network to request data / files that are on the server. With the server, of course we can save electricity and also save electricity costs. It takes a client and server of course also to connect the network to the internet which will also be connected to the computer.

The server is actually a place that contains information where this server will provide services or services to clients connected to the server. Below are the types of servers that exist, among others:

Proxy server
Is a server that limits data requests, connection performance, and sharing files between servers and clients outside the network. In addition, this proxy server also functions as a gateway between the local network and the outside network (internet)

Telnet Server
Is a server that manages the computer by logging in and logging out on the host computer.

Virtual Server
Is a server that makes a number of physical servers as if to be multiple servers.

Web server
A server that stores content on a website and communicates using HTTP.

Audio and Video Server
Is a server that stores multimedia features of a website.

FTP Server
Is a server that regulates data transfer in a network

Server Application
Is a server that processes commands given by the client and connects it to the database.

Mail Server
A server that stores various kinds of electronic mail, handles various client requests.

News Server
Is a server that distributes various kinds of news through the news network.
Server Is a computer system that provides certain types of services (services) in a computer network. The server is supported by a processor that is scalable and has a large RAM, also equipped with a special operating system, which is called the network operating system (network operating system). Servers also run administrative software that controls access to the network and the resources contained in it, such as files or printers. and provide access to network member workstations.

The server is divided into several types according to its function, the following types of servers
1. Application Server (Application server)
2. Data Server (Data Server)
3. Proxy Server.

The main task of the server is to serve the client computer, and is divided into several functions according to the type of server,
A server is a computer system that provides certain types of services (services) in a computer network. The server is supported by a processor that is scalable and large RAM, also equipped with a special operating system, which is called a network operating system (network operating system). Server also runs administrative software that controls access to the network and resources contained therein, like a file or printer (printer), and gives access to network member workstations.

The server is divided into several types according to its function, the following types of servers

1. Application Server (Application server)

2. Data Server (Data Server)

3. Proxy Server.

The main task of the server is to serve the client computer, and divided into several functions according to the type of server, the following is the explanation

1. Application Server
The server is used to store various applications that can be accessed by the client, .2. Data Server
This type of server is used to store various data, whether data that has not been processed or data that has been processed into information. this data can be accessed by the client with the help of the application on the server.
3. Proxy server
While the proxy server functions to regulate traffic on the network through proxy settings. Laymen are more familiar with proxy servers to connect client computers to the Internet.
so a brief explanation about the server and its functions, read also articles about
Since everyone has a technical way of answering this question, I will take an abstract approach to answering this question.

A server is a machine somewhat like a cpu that you have at home but usually, at places where servers are kept, there would be thousands and thousands of it. This is a place where many big companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft store their data.

In other words,
In a human context which relates to reality. Imagine going to a library to borrow books. Those spaces where the library books are kept somewhat acts like a server. We feel that we own the books but yet in some ways we do not actually own it. For example, When we type in facebook.com and there it pops out our profile. We got all our friends on that list and the things the do. It somewhat feels like we own that page but actually we don't. It's stored in Facebook's servers which are hidden somewhere that I don't know. These are facebook's most important assets.

Servers are integral to our lives nowadays that there is almost no place where servers won't be used at all. But of course there is the downside to servers. It can be hacked, electricity shutdowns can wipe out some of those valuable data. There are lots more, but i guess i have written loads of details here.
What is a server?
A server is a computer system that is assigned to provide services, limit and also control access to every client connected to an existing computer network.

Usually a computer that acts as a server provides resources that can be used for other computers that act as client computers.

A server computer must have high specifications because the server has many resources and must work optimally, especially from the software and hardware aspects used.

Server function

In general, a server has several important functions, including the following:
Perform Storage Files that are jointly used on the hard drive, Manage printing on printers that are used together, manage communication between workstations such as managing messages, e-mail, etc., the server can be used for various purposes to send data, usually with additional software or hardware used, serve request the client computer, provide resources for cliet, manage data traffic, be able to set access levels on the network, so that not all clients can open data access stored on the server computer. maybe that's what I know. thank you
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You know what the server is and how the server works. If you are a person connected to the Internet then you should know about the server. You should know how it is connected to the entire internet server. And what is the role of the server in all of these?

You have seen many times that when you open a popular website, sometimes it is written Server Server or Server Not Responding and the website stops working. As soon as you open the IRCTC website to book a ticket, it often gets down to its server or if there is an online registration for a college admission, its server goes down and the website stops working.
Or the biggest example is seen when you go to deposit money in the bank and the bank lets you send it back by saying that the server is running down.
So what is this server and how does it work? In today's post, you will give full details of this post so be sure to read this post.

The server that means the service that serves you. A server also does the same thing as it serves you on the Internet with your information that you are looking for on the Internet. Now I tell you in more detail.

Suppose when you open YouTube and do some song search then you find the video you find in front of you, which you click on. Have you ever thought that the video that you searched for will not say anything save?
Just like in your mobile, a video is saved on your memory card, which you can see again and again, in the same way, YouTube's videos will also be saved. In the same way, not only the video but also the website which you search and then it is presented in front of you, it will be safe to say anything like I told you above IRCTC, etc.
All these things are saved on the server. You can understand the server as a memory card that is not saved in any one mobile or device for everyone. Now you should be thinking that if the server is a memory card then how is it connected to us and the rest of the computer and mobile, how do we get saved website, video or anything else? I will tell you.

Like Youtube videos are saved on Youtube's Severs, similarly, Websites Result is saved on Google's servers. For an example, when you send an image to Whatsapp, then how does it go to the other side because your image is saved on Whatsapp's server and another person can download it again from your other mobile.
So the data that is saved on the server will be kept in the same way. The server is a Hardware Device or you can also call it Computer. Which are kept in any corner of the world such as Youtube's Servers Youtube's Head Quarters? Now imagine how many videos you have on Youtube, how many Servers will be required to save it. You can see in the image below.

These servers are connected to us by a network we also call the Internet.
When we find something from the same Internet, it sends Response to the server then Server returns to us with the data back.
For example, the one you are reading this post is also saved in Google's server. Now you can read these posts whenever you want. Because it is saved in the server and it is connected to the Internet with your device

Not only this, you can switch your local Computer or Laptop to Server so that the other computer around you can take data from your computer. These more are found in colleges and Offices. They are also called Local Area Networks and that Local Server is called Non-Dedicated Server.
So Server says this and they do the same thing.
Now we know what the server is like. Now you know why the server is down.
Server is a machine that stores our data. And when we need to show our data on different web browsers. The server can be a computer that is designed to process requests on the internet or on a local network and to access the data to another computer. The word "server" is taken from the web server. Whenever we search something on the web browser, the web server only sends that page to our browser.
You must have heard about the server when it is heard that the server is down, you would think that what is this server? Or have you ever thought about the mechanisms that caused this page to reach you?

Maybe you are seating in front of any computer/mobile, and looking at this page in browser So, when you clicked on the link on this page, or its URL (uniform resource locator), what happened in the background before coming to the screen?
To date, we have just gone to different websites. But today we will know how the pages of those websites open on our mobile/laptop.

The purpose of the web server that we are able to see any website from anywhere, even if we are anywhere in the world? Let's start.
However, any computer running a particular software can work as a server.
Simply put, "server" is the software that stores our data and sends a different client (web browser).
However, the powerful hardware that supports this software is usually called a server.
Well to my little understanding, a server is known as a computer program or a device that provides functionality for other programs or devices, known as clients. Servers can provide different functionalities, often called "services", in such as sharing of data or resources among many clients, or doing computation for a client. A single server can serve many clients, and a single client can use many servers.
a server is a computer which for a certain monthly payment you rent it and it will be at your disposal 24 hours a day, of course, it is in a data center in which the information flows with a lot of rapids, this usually has certain characteristics which are chosen according to your needs and money the buyer is willing to pay for this