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Do you think that its difficult to state "sorry" when you realize you are incorrect? Why?
Numerous individuals discover it so hard to state "sorry" as a methods for expression of remorse notwithstanding when they are incorrect. On the off chance that yes or no do you mind sharing the reason?

Well it depends on the situation and the kind of person we're talking about. In my experience most people who find it hard to say sorry are often very proud people. Even though they realise they're wrong, admitting it becomes a problem because of the kind of pride that they have.

Admitting that you're wrong and apologizing properly is something that a lot of us find hard, especially when we don't want to give certain people the satisfaction of knowing that they were right and we were wrong. In this case, it's not really pride that prevents you from saying sorry, it's just your unwillingness to fully admit you were wrong.

Alot of us have big egos and this is another thing that prevents us from saying sorry, especially amongst men. My dad is probably the proudest man I've ever met. He'll get angry at you and discipline you for something then find out that you didn't do it and instead of apologizing, he'll just buy ice cream for you but you'll never here him say the word sorry.

Well as for me, I don't find it hard anymore to apologize when I'm wrong, but the word sorry will probably never come out of my mouth if I'm positively and absolutely sure that I'm right. I may be wrong, but as long as I feel I'm right then the word sorry won't come out of my mouth.

I hope this helps .


"Sorry" is a word that is associated with humility , uprightness and empathy. Thus inability to plug in to "sorry" especially when you are incorrect or wrong about an issue is a strong indicator of faulty relationship.

Those who are stingy with "sorry" are either proud, insecure,ignorant , arrogant or all combined!!

Having known why people shy away from saying "sorry", it is necessary such should make conscious effort to retune their psyche to accommodate the magic word "sorry"

I hope this would assist any one who is grappling with "I can't say sorry" to anyone!!