Would you help people that you doesnt know? or help people you only know?

It depends on the type of help, at least in my mind. If its financial help being provided, I help myself and my loved ones then extend my resources to others if I have them. I pay a tithing to my church and that money is, also, used to help the community. If we are talking about sharing my time with others then I do that quite frequently because it gives me a sense of personal satisfaction and reward as well as helps those that need it. Sometimes just giving someone a friendly smile or wave hello is all that is required to help them have a better day. Reaching out to others and helping them renews the spirit of humanity and makes the world a little bit brighter. 

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Would you help people that you don’t know? Or help only people you know?

It depends. Some people I know do not deserve help, while some strangers I’ve seen in the streets deserve all my solidarity and generosity. Commonsensical things, like helping a pregnant woman carry a bag, helping an old person cross the street, giving a seat to someone who visibly needs it more than me, or even paying that person's fare are things I can still do for anyone.

Usually, I am a generous and attentive person. Time and experiences have made me more alert and suspicious of certain people under certain circumstances. In Venezuela, way before the revolutionary disaster, we had a very complex social structure that on the one hand encouraged honesty, efficiency and solidarity while on the other hand promoted corruption, dishonesty, laziness, and selfishness.

With the aggravation of the economic crisis we started to see all kinds of people in the streets putting together all kinds of scams. There was a time you could blindly trust a child, a pregnant woman or an old person. Now, you can’t even trust your shadow (it may not be yours). I have seen people pretend they just had surgery and come from another town, begging money on buses and banks, only to see them months later with the same story, the same fake wound and the same urgency. I have seen old ladies fake fainting spells only to get in the bank and get their money first (they laugh outside as if they just told a hilarious joke). All this makes it very difficult to trust any stranger and help them when they ask for money or for any other kind of assistance.

However, stranger are not the only ones who can trick us. I have been duped by colleagues, students, and even relatives. I have a couple of close relatives I do not even want near, I don’t lend them money and I can recommend them to anyone about anything. Whoever asks me whether they should help them, I’d say it’s up to you.

Of course, circumstances can make you forget about your established barriers and security measures. I know as a fact that in the middle of a sudden crisis (natural disasters, shootout, police persecution during a protest, life or death situations) what we may call our natural solidarity instinct triggers a positive response to helping those in need as much as I can.

Consciously, though I try to make good choices. Whether it is a perfect stranger or someone I know, I try to evaluate the situation and see if it is a legitimate emergency, and if it is safe for me to help.


Personally, I enjoy helping others. There is a selfish aspect to this yes, it makes me feel good! 

I actually derive more satisfaction from helping strangers, over helping people I know. That isn't to say that I don't help people I know, because I certainly do, but..

In terms of helping loved one's and people you know, sometimes expectations get in the way, either from the receiving end, or the helper his/her self. 

I can sit here until I'm blue in the face claiming expectations don't exist between family members, loved one's, or even acquaintances but this simply isn't the case. When you are involved with a person on a regular basis, and there are aspects of the relationships that involve helping one another, expectations are going to become a factor at some point, for the good or worse. 

This is where helping strangers becomes more attractive to a person like me. I always make it a point to help homeless people with the change in my pocket. There is no expectation from that person to do anything back. I don't expect the person to buy food or clothing, it's merely a gift and a gesture of help, no matter how the person chooses to utilize the help. 

Part of this may be my prior experience and struggles in life, I know what it is like to be in the homeless man's shoes, so I do not judge, and I do not expect anything. It simply feels good to know I might have made a positive impact on someone's life, if only for a short period of time. I give what I can give. 

Helping is a positive human behavior. I see nothing wrong with it.

I hope this answer helps. 


Helping both parties will give me the same amount of gratitude as a person. No matter what kind of help they needed as long as I can provide and offer it freely to them. What may differ is the level of help you can give for there are always some limits in life i.e finances, sacrifice, time, effort and everything. Some of us may choose helping their loved ones or those people close to them because we sometimes expect for something in return while others want to help more on lesser fortunate which is I adore the most!


I would help people that I know and do same for those I don't. Helping people is a good thing, and I would recommend we all do it when we are able to.

Every now and then, anyone can get into a situation where they sincerely need help. It would be nice if someone can come to your aid.

But it's important that we not endanger ourselves when we do that. There's so much evil around so we must do it with care. Always trust your instincts.


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Helping others is a form of caring and solidarity among fellow humans who live on this planet. There is no regulation that regulates who we help, whether we know people or we don't know them yet.

However, in this case we also need to be aware of people who are physically strong and able to work, but they pretend to be beggars. People like them in my opinion don't deserve us. In my city in Lhokseumawe, quite a lot of people are models like this, some even carry names of religious institutions such as on behalf of Islamic boarding schools and so on.

So, therefore, to anticipate this, I took preventive steps, in the sense that I would only help those who really need help from us.

We as sufficient people have moral responsibility and religious responsibility to help people who are weak and deserve to be helped.

Because of the rise of fake beggars (people who disguised themselves as beggars), I would rather help those who are and live in orphanages (a place for caring for poor citizens). because the people we help are clear that they are worthy and we should help.

I think, that's all I can answer about this.


I try my possible best to help both the people I know, and also the people I do not know.

The world is a small place so therefore we do not know where we can meet someone tommorow. We don't also know when we can need some other person's help.

We should not give a helping hand to someone today just because we think we might need help from the same person tomorrow, but because we might be in need and someone else might act as the person sent by God to actually return the favour.

God works in mysterious ways, so we humans find it hard to predict him. Since the word of God says in Luke 6:38

>38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

I believe so much in this scripture and I put it into consideration anytime I am dealing with someone who is in need.

Thank you.

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It will definitely depends on what kind of help it will be. Also, there are some who does not deserved to be helped even we personally know them.

We should also be careful in helping someone, more if they are strangers. There are some modus or bad tactics where someone will ask you to help him find a place then kidnap or harm you. There were even news about some who were just asked to help in holding something and not aware that it contains illegal substances. So, it was even advised that never hold anything for anyone even they say that it will be just for a moment. They could just place it on the floor or some place if they really needed to free their hands from what they are holding.

We can help strangers by donating or volunteering in charities. Or by giving foods to the street beggars.


I am fully satisfied to help people and it doesn't matter whether I know them or not. I like to help my family and those around me, I always look for ways to make a profit for them. Now, if someone in the street needs my help and is within my reach, I have no problem reaching out to them. Now, it has been seen that there are people, known or not, who do not appreciate the gesture of help (although things are not done to be thanked), but I think that this is the problem of the other, not mine; as long as I feel good and happy helping others, everything will be perfect in my life. As the saying goes: Do well and don't look at who. 


There was a time when I used to help every people either I know him or I don't. But, now I am careful in helping other. World has been changed so you don't have to trust all the people blindly and in my opinion with the current situation it is a not a wise thing to help every one in any matter.  


Yes,  i  find my self doing this from time to time.  i am not in the best financial situation but i believe somebody else is worse off than i am, therefore i take it upon my self from time to time to engage in charitable works for different causes. 

On my birthday this year, i took it upon my self to gather funds here on steemit and from few good samaritan friends and we visited kids at Everlasting Hope who are cancer warriors and stay at this home while they receive treatment.


I believe we should not limit ourselves in helping the persons that we only know. Who knows, the one that you help today might be the one who help you later in your life, 10x of what you give.

There are instances that we will bump into a scenario that a random person will ask for our help. If it's something that I can work on without even taking much of time or money, they I would be more than willing to do it. 

However, there are also instances that people will ask help with bad intentions or hidden agenda. Well, it is something that we can't really tell especially when we are caught in a situation that we are not familiar with. So, in this case, we have to vigilant and be observant on what's really happening. 

Nevertheless, as mentioned, if it's something that won't take much of my time or money then I'd be willing to help.


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Depends on the situation and scale of “help.”


I will try to help people who need my help. Not only just known.but also if any person who need help I will try my best.Because many person have many problem. If we will not help them when asking maybe they will be in great problem That's why I think I need to help people always.

But sometimes we need to concern. First need to see he is really In a problem or not.Then we need to decide



@Tazky, In my opinion it's all about how well we are connecting with the situation on the basis of Emotional Levels because when we connect with the emotions then no matter known or unknown it will push us to help next person no matter little bit or more, but everything is depended upon emotions because we are emotional beings.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂