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Do you work on your own car?
Do you work on your own cars as a hobby and you enjoy it and are a gearhead? Are you a home mechanic that uses youtube tutorials? Do you have no mechanical ability and just take to a shop?

I have very little knowledge of car engines and it is not from alack of not trying. On my old car I replaced the radiator but that wasn't overly difficult and save me a fortune. If I know what the problem is I will see first and if I can't fix it I will take in to the workshop.

When I purchase a car I make sure I negotiate a long enough service plan to cover me. This I find is the safest way to proceed with my little knowledge of mechanics.I have learnt from previous experience to rather not fiddle too much in case you make things worse.


Yes! I began working on my own car when I had my first one. I bought it from a friend who told the ball joints needed to be replaced and the steering column had an issue. I sat beside him watching what he did and helping a bit, and got hooked on mechanics. 

As a woman, mechanics often take advantage of us, thinking we are totally clueless when it comes to car repair. So I learned to do even more on my own cars and started helping female friends on theirs. 

Todays vehicles are a bit beyond my abilities when it comes to diagnosing computer related issues, so I have to stick to things like changing brakes, or flushing the radiator. But I have held on to my trusty 1994 F350 diesel in part because I can still do anything I need to on it since it was made before computerized sensors took over. An added plus is that it sits so high off the ground I don't need to jack it up to work on it, although I have been known to get a step stool to be able to reach the far back of the engine compartment.

I've put over 150, 000 miles on that truck, and it had almost 200,000 on it when I brought it. So I guess I've done a pretty decent job on repairs to keep it running well for so long.


I used to work on my cars when I was growing up, changing spark plugs, points, condensers, water pumps, but now that the cars are so technical all I do now is change the cabin air filter or engine air filter. Sometimes a lite bulb here or there and the wipers. It's even hard to change the oil on your car now because there's no place to dispose of the old oil, except take it to the place that changes oil. 🤣🤣🤣


I don't own a car personally so this makes working on it difficult, but I do own a motorbike and routinely change the tires, check the motor etc. I think an auto class in schools should be a mandatory thing. There are too many life skills that are not taught in school these days and too much emphasis put on things like calculus, which the large majority of the population will never use. 

Wood shop classes, auto classes, a personal finance class, these all have practical, real life value. 


I used to work on my own car in the past and sometimes it is effective but recently I discovered i was not an expert like I thought i was,and I realized that doing the car myself without consulting a professional mechanic has

done more harm than good to my car and that is why I have decided to always visit a mechanic for my car maintainance and car repairs...