How many times have you been flagged by a whale?
If more than once what was the reasons? Did you end up in negative rep? What all else came of it?
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No idea. I've never paid attention to who's upvoting/flagging.

Although there was ONCE... and I'm pretty sure he removed it after our issue was resolved.

Never. I try to keep a low profile and I do not want to draw undue attention. I want to be seen even less if it means all my profits and reputation will be striped from me. 

The only whale flag that pops to mind was Bernie's flag on me after commenting on one of Ned's blog post.

Most often than not, when he is not in the mood and when is pissed off with someone he just starts to flag all the comments under that someone's post. So my guess was that is was a collateral damage kind of flag. I got mixed up in their wars. XD

I am just glad that the flag stopped on my comment on that post and didn't reach on my blog posts and other comments.

Aside from that nothing comes to mind. I may have strong opinions about a subject but I always see to it that my comment or reply is done in a neutral and respectful manner.

I have never been flagged by a whale. 

Only once have I ever been flagged and it was by a non whale who had close to zero SP in his wallet. It was an angry troll who went about flagging down accounts for no just reason.

I am glad the issue was fixed as fast as possible but it never affected my reputation.

I have never been flagged by a whale before. I think the key to ensuring you don’t is by knowing the basic rules and the main bots that sweep through the steem blockchain. For example, I think it’s self explanatory that copying someone’s work and posting as your own will automatically be noticed by a flagging bot. This can also be seen when it comes to “shit posting”, or spam content. Some bots will likely also flag this, especially if it’s super repetitive or is a post with 0 content.

One major thing that may not be your fault to look out for is image sourcing. I know many people who don’t properly source their images and have been flagged for it. This can also hurt you in terms of other bots like Qurator, who check the quality of your posts before letting you enroll. So not only does not sourcing lead to flags by whales, it can hurt when it comes to signing up to cool bots that are offered on the steem blockchain. Hope that helped!

Never. There are certain whales (and dolphins too), who are flag friendly and I just avoid them. I still ike to be a spectator, but I just dont comment or engage with certain people, as some of them flag for no apparent reason - I think it is a bit of a show of power more than anything, and the attitude of 'don't mess with me'.

The majority of whales on here though dont flag without good reason, as they are heavily invested and interested in seeing Steem succeed.

I am very careful who I engage with and will never give anyone reason to flag me. I will say what I feel ,but it is never worthy of  a flag however.

I work on my growth and reputation daily on here and it is important to not get caught up in something. Having a negative rep would not be fun and would most definitely hamper your growth.