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When do you think the market will turn around?
Do you think crypto is in a permanent bear market till it hits bottom or do you think we are just in a severe correction pattern?

I think it will start picking up from last week of December 2018 to mid January 2019 and then again it will drop. In this kind of bear market, generally a correction follows. If that is true then a correction is around the corner.

But there is no such in bottom yet nor any indication, so we can not confirm that a bottom is there. But if a correction will happen then it could be a part of the formation of the bottom and that can give further clues about the market action in future.

Everyone is sitting tight at the moment and very badly waiting for a turn up in the market. This bear market is frustrating for everyone including me. 

There is no such thing called permanent in a market. It just moves from one phase to other and I think you should have more patience now. After all it is a mind game and your patience is tested more than often. A little bounce in crypto can at least bring that joy for everyone.


According to my opinion and experience i will say for now it is unpredictable that when exactly the market will turn into bullish momentum. But it is sure that this is the future and will be started day by day when more and more people get involve in bitcoin. Today our market cap is just 100 million and it is just 0.5% of our world economy. So it is the matter of time that when only 1% of people around the world will start accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrency than the market cap will be more than 1 trillion and the price for bitcoin will be to the moon.

As i always says in my answers trading is always done with your mind not by heart as heart always don't have patients and it may taken as wrong sometimes. So don't worry about the current situation and don't sell your coins in loss always try to hold your coins for long term and if possible put in safe wallet. Bull run is on the way whales are preparing some more fun this year according to me.