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Is falling in love entirely up to me? Or is it a function of my significant other??
Do people decide to fall in love or does it just happen because of the kind of person they are attracted to

You know, I met a girl a few weeks ago who said she had never fallen in love and so she was going to fall in love with her current boyfriend. She felt that it was entirely up to her so let me tell you what I told her.

Falling in love is an emotional reaction to someone having everything you want in a partner. Or at least some of the things that make a person seem desirable to you. Its a natural feeling and for the better part, it can't be controlled. It's just something that happens. So you can't make a conscious decision to fall in love with someone. To say that is to say you can see a random person on the street and become smitten with them. But we all know that's not possible or likely.

Our falling in love only has to do with our taste in partners and once someone presents all those things, falling in love is our brain's way of acknowledging it. You can't decide to fall in love. It's called FALLING in love for a reason. Not WALKING into love, not ENTERING love. Falling in love. And that's something that we can't control