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If you could be the leader of any company in the world, which one would it be and why?

Steemit Incorporated

I believe in Steem but I don't have that much faith in Steemit Incorporated (the company with the greatest influence on the Blockchain)

If I was going to be CEO for a few months, I would power down all the Steem in steemit incorporated ralated accounta include Ned's account and dump them on the market

This would dilute supply massively and would lead to very low prices for Steem. However, in the long run, Steem would be less centralized giving room for investors to come in

Plus, I'll also focus on projects like SMTs.

Lastly I'll do an airdrop for bitcointalk and medium users. That would increase the userbase of Steemit. With the cheap Steem on the market, the newcommers would be able to grow their accounts and add value to the platform