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What is the best way to get rid of acne and pimples?

Having suffered with acne for many years, this topic is close to my heart and I'd like to share with you what worked for me.

Firstly, Acne.org is a fantastic site for support and advice. They have become slightly more commercial in the past couple of years, as they now have their own range of products in the US. However, their forums provide a wealth of supportive individuals and information.

The most useful thing I gleaned from their 'regime' was the use of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel, which is available over the counter from your local pharmacy for a very reasonable cost (around £3 for a tube of 'PANOXYL' that lasts me many weeks). It doesn't cause the irritation and dryness that can result from the use of stronger % preparations. In my personal opinion, anything that irritates or sensitises the skin will ultimately make acne worse.

So, try a gentle face wash, perhaps with glycolic acid / AHAs, twice a day (no scrubbing!) and follow with the 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel. I believe the oxygen released by the peroxide helps kill off offending bacteria (including propionibacterium acnes) twice a day, allowing the skin's natural defences to gain the upper hand and irritation to settle. The gel probably also helps promote a 'normal' rate of shedding of surface layers (not the massive irritation and exfoliation caused by stronger preparations). You can follow the gel with your usual moisturiser if necessary (believe it or not, your skin can be greasy and still be dehydrated). The regime can be applied to any part of the body where acne is present.

Don't spend hours fretting over your skin, just follow the simple regime and hopefully you'll find in no time that your skin is improving day-on-day. I never looked back. Once things have settled down, you can ease off with the gel - perhaps to once a day, or less - you'll find the level of maintenance treatment you need. In my experience, with time this gradually diminishes.

In summary:
Acne.org - very helpful site, forums etc


  1. Gentle Glycolic acid / AHA face wash
  3. Benzoyl peroxide gel 2.5% (don't go overboard with it)
  4. Your own moisturiser if required
  5. Repeat twice per day

(Caution - benzoyl peroxide gel can bleach colour from fabrics. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying. If you need to apply the BP gel down onto your neck, wearing light / white shirts/blouses/t-shirts may be preferable)

Other general tips:

  • Wash any sweat from your skin as soon as possible (it definitely makes acne worse)
  • Eat well and drink plenty of water
  • If your diet is poor, consider vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Remember that most expensive topical acne medications are worthless - the more expensive, generally the more worthless!
  • Try to reduce stress - try relaxation or meditation
  • Don't smoke
  • Don't drink too much alcohol
  • Get some fresh air and exercise - they can both do wonders for your skin (and your general health)
  • See your doctor. If topical treatments simply don't work (and they don't for everybody) there are a number of medications that can be prescribed, although I would be sure to properly try more simple regimes before committing to taking medication (which can have side effects) for months or years.
  • Consider the possible role of foods and intolerances in your acne (dairy, for example, or high GI foods)

Good luck!  


I have a rather "interesting" youth era myself. First when I came to teenage, I am one of the guy with baby skin, so smooth and soft on my cheek. Sometimes I felt that I should be having a few pimple on my face so I be normal like any other kid around me. As soon as I caught up to the age of young adult, when everybody start to have their own girlfriend and boyfriend, my face begin to erupt like a volcano. I've been getting all kind of "interesting" treatment from many different type of source and finally I found a way few years back and it worked pretty well so far. Here I'm going to list down some of the things I tried and the outcome.

1. Medicine control - Works pretty damn good! As soon as I start to take the pill, those pimple are suppressed. The only problem to me is, had I stopped the medication for more than two days, I will literally go "face off".

2. Facial product - There are so many kind of them! To my surprise, I got an oily face when I learned it from a beautician, I am supposed to find product that is suitable for dry face. WTF?! You heard me right, the acne react based on the dryness of the skin, hence the "system" give us some lube on the skin. Those who have trouble finding back their face despite doing their facial everyday, might wanna check which type of skin care product you're on. It could be the wrong category you bought that puts you out of business.

3. Price - This is rather sarcastic. I have been searching for the holygrail for quite sometime, and seeing many beauticians some expansive, some less expansive. Sometimes, the expansive one gave marvelous idea and super duper cool service, in the end I paid a handsome amount and bring home a truck load of beuaty product that I don't even know how to open the cap. At times, the lady that is selling her MLM product knows better than anyone else. It felt like getting slapped in the face when they do the trick, but it does help for a few weeks at least. Anyway, things can still go wrong after that.

Finally, I'm over with those product. I'm on my own now. After many years searching for the holy grail, spending big portion of my salary on regular basis. And, who saved me? There is this MLM company came approach me for an ENTIRELY different term. I took up the challenge, finishes the product to lose weight, and my acne problem accidentally cured. WTF?! Don't worry, I'm not going to sell you anything because I'm off those finkas already. Most acne problem are derived by hormone change(some are due to sensitive skin, that you need prescription I can't help you). So, to change the condition of a heavily battled face, change the hormone will really help. What I did now to maintain my face presentable?

* Drink lots of water. Just water, room temperature water. With my 75kg body, I take about 4 litres of water a day now.

* Workout on a regular basis. Make sure I sweat my ass off. Like a water puddle on the floor that type of sweat.

* More vegetable, more fruits, more natural and simple food. Try to remove processed food(including noodles/biscuit/bread/sausages).

Try it! I know you have your current medication, your current beauty product, you have your current whatever stuff that may help your face, but trying what I stated above doesn't cost you anything more than what you already have.


Eliminate the Cause!

This honestly depends from person to person. Most teenagers start to get pimples when they reach adulthood due to the rise in their androgens which increases the production of sebum (common cause of oilyness). In short, acnes and pimples are often times due to the changing in one's hormone levels. The best way to get rid of it is just to let it pass all the while maintaining a clean face and proper hygiene. 

Some people got acne due to Stress and lack of sleep which can easily be solved by freeing yourself from whatever is stressing you (easier said than done, I know) and get a good amount of sleep.

For some people, it's the foods that they eat. Although there are no scientific evidence that proves that eating some foods causes acne. It is still better to maintain a good balanced diet and exercise. Watch the foods that you eat!

At the end of the day, the natural way to get rid of acne is still proper-hygiene, a good balanced diet with a decent amount of exercise. If it's hormonal, let it pass or if it's really worse, then it is at that time that one should go to a derma.


I think the best way to get rid of acnes and pimples is to always keep the skin clean and clear of any oil and any other unwanted bacteria by using a good facial wash. It is really important to always clean the face. 

Eat less oily and heaty food which can cause the bodies heat level to increase and increase the oil production and pimple output out of the skin.  Sleep on time to reduce any hormonal imbalance . Hormone imbalances can really affect the body in many many ways. 

If it's puberty that hits, i guess there isn't any choice but to ride it out but do have to take care as what i know is acne can cause the skin to have lots of tiny little holes. 


 Acne causes problems due to excess oil on the skin. To get rid of this problem, you can paste the Multani soil water into the face. Multani soil helps to stop excess oil secretion of the skin.  

The cucumber juice is very effective in reducing acne. Every day, you can clean your face with the juice of cucumber, when you are coming out from the outside.   - Two elements of turmeric and sandalwood powder are very effective for acne. Mix equal amount of turmeric and chopped wood powder together and mix it with an equal amount of water to make a paste. After a drying it, the mixture must be washed with water you applied in the affected area.    

Tulsi leaf juice is very beneficial for the use. After apply in the affected area wait till it's getting dry. Then wash the face with hot water.   

First, make a paste by mixing rose water with sandalwood powder. Then add 2-3 drops of lemon juice. The rose is not edged with many people. They can use honey instead of rose water. This mixture will help to remove your acne scars.   

Acne spots are reduced due to regular use of glaucoma. Make a paste by mixing rose with cinnamon powder. Wash this paste after 20 minutes.    

Before going to sleep at night, you can apply the white part of the egg in the acne-affected area and keep it all night. This eliminates the risk of acne in your skin. It is best if lemon juice can be added with it. You can wash it after half an hour.  

Peel the lemon and mix it. Take pulse and rice power and mix it well. Mix the mixture of sandalwood powder,  soil, orange pea powder into the paste.  

Take out five neem leaves and grate them thoroughly. Make a pack of Multani soil, a little rosemary mixed with a spoon. If the pack is thick, then mix it with rose water. Keep your face covered for a while. Wash the face with cold water after drying.  

The mint leaves are useful to remove the rash and acne that is due to excessive heat. Place the fresh mint leaves on the acne and wash it after 20 minutes.