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In romantic relationships, is an age gap of ten years or more acceptable?
Having romantic relationships can be difficult no matter the circumstance and given the surrounding culture things like a difference in age, race, being of the same gender, and other things can be seen as immoral or inappropriate. What are your thoughts on age gaps of ten years or more in romantic and/or sexual relationships?

You know, contrary to what people believe, most things in life are relative. This applies to every field of life, from top to bottom. In life, every body has a perspective and no one is ever completely right.

A romantic relationship where there's a ten year age gap between the two lover is alright. But it depends on the ages of the lovers. A relationship like that between a 38 year old man and a 28 year old lady or vice versa is alright and acceptable. But if the guy was 28 and the girl was 18, people would see a problem with it. Because while the age gap is the same, the ages are different and so reactions to it are different.

Personally, I feel that any two consenting adults can do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want. The problems arise when it extends beyond just a romantic relationship. Then expectations grow beyond sexual and problems arise. Let me explain.

The expectations of a 38 year old differ from those of a 28 year old drastically. I know some girls in relationships with much older men who are planning to end it because it's not what they expected. To be in a relationship with someone, your expectations have to align well enough for no issues to arise and when all that's expected is sex, then it's easy. But should it grow beyond that, the difference in age and views will become evident and might rupture the relationship.


Of course yes,  Personally, my longest lasting relationship, age gap was 15 years. like the common saying that goes, age doesn't really matter. 


Of course! Romance is the key to ageing well. Keep romance in your life and you will lead a happy one

Just remember, if the gap is to great though, the older partner will begin to have special needs and health issues that the younger partner may not be ready for.