The "Yellow Vests" are protesting against the increase of diesel taxes in Paris. Do you think protesting is the best solution? If yes, why?

Yes, definitely right. I think protest is the only way for a pressure group like the "yellow vest" to relay their disappointment as well as their demand to the federal government although the protest of the yellow vest has been very violent because police has been involved and there has been use of force to actually send away this protesters because they are destroying government property I know this is the reason you ask this question.

The protest is becoming violent which means it is no longer lawful and as a result of that government is refusing to meet the demands of the yellow vest I believe that is why the protest has become very violent but I do believe that the yellow vest has a viable argument we once had an issue in my country about diesel taxes and prices and of course the labour union in my country protested and also went on strike in the public corporation as well as the civil service too.

So protest is the only way because the labour union like the yellow vest does not have enough power to veto a president and according to the constitution they can also make use of boycott that means actually ignoring all government services all government meetings and even staying home and not going to work for the government all this are also part of protest, striking and also boycotting and this is the only thing that a labour group such as a yellow vest can do.

However considering the fact that their protest is becoming violent in france is the reason why it is no longer constitutional, so I think protest is very light however they're doing it the wrong way all they need to do is a much more peaceful protest and demand to see the president himself in order to resolve the issue amicably between the labour pressure group and the federal government


Protesting is very important in making government rescind an already implemented action or halt a planned action because it makes them aware that a majority of its people are not in support of its action. Protesting is a very powerful tool in the disposal of the people in a democratic setting. A listening government will always listen to its people and address issues raised during a protest

The people let the government know their grievances during a protest and anything wrong the government does tha the people refuse to speak up against in the form of a peaceful protest, they are indirectly giving the government their approval and giving them the go ahead to do more. Protest is a very effective way in which a people can register their disapproval to the decision of the government


Basically, it is a protest, a desire to say stop the train of tax pressure on those who galley well enough like that, a reaction of survival. But the momentum that this movement has given, the rapprochements, the conversations, the debates it provoked, generated an emerging goal, because of the realization that it had pooled a certain number of diagnoses, despite differences in sensitivity.

This is the continuation of a growing ugliness that began at least twenty years ago, when the results of the disastrous policy conducted in France since the 1970s began to become sensitive to an ever-growing part of French.

But this fed up has always been fragmented, expressed sector by sector, and sometimes in media ignorance. Emmanuel Macron accomplished the feat of defragmenting these populations, bringing them together.

At the time when the right was becoming uninhibited, and the left had finally taken the place of complexed right, in the social movements provoked by the project of social security reform of Skirt, Pierre Bourdieu had declared to the strikers, the December 12, 1995: "I am here to say our support to all those who have been fighting for three weeks against the destruction of a" civilization "associated with the existence of the public service, that of the republican equality of rights, rights to the education, health, culture, research, art, and, above all, work. "

Later, he would add this phrase more than ever: "This opposition between the long-term vision of the enlightened" elite "and the short-sighted drives of the people is typical of reactionary thinking."

I think that the initial purpose of the yellow vests was first to make audible the whistle of the pressure of this pressure cooker in which we tried to keep shut all the consequences of these political destructions for years. Many had convinced themselves that it was inconsequential to insult these silenced people to be reduced to expressions of "populism" / "fascism", thanks to the trap of only leaving them these options at the time of the polls. Trap that has, little by little, stopped working, as was verified in the last elections and during this movement.

Quickly, the GJ took over the themes that were spreading among the most politicized people who, for some years, questioned institutions and especially the notion of "representativeness"; in short, the democratic question itself, following the observation of an anti-democratic coherence of the policy pursued.

The sacred union of all these people who make a common observation, despite various political sensitivities and often volatile, seems to have had the intelligence to focus on everything that federates them, and to put aside partisan themes that would have destroyed this solidarity, no doubt aware that the dogmas of some are just as incomplete in explaining or solving problems as the dogmas of others.

They also understood that any "gift" granted by the power of one hand will be taken from the other, and that we should no longer be content with this form of political begging.

This explains, I think, the emergence of this unifying objective of the Citizen / People's Initiative Referendum, inspired by the Swiss model, but in a protein version, a unifying idea because it is non-partisan and authentically democratic.

This is the idea of ​​the need for a real and effective citizen counter-power against all the temptations of paternalism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, laxity, or any other -ism that the elect would carry. That tomorrow, by an electoral accident like that of the last presidential, the RN / FN or the LCR or the FI or worse still LREM is in power, the population would thus keep a way of countering the excesses that it would consider not in conformity with the social contract that is ready to support.

That, I believe, is the goal that has emerged from the movement of yellow vests.