What are the things Musing should correct in its platform?

No doubt, @musing has benefited the steemit community in diverse ways to the effect that some accounts would have been in hibernation by now without it

As plausible as their services to the steemit block chain could be, it is necessary to suggest these innovation to @ musing-io for maximum impacts on steemians!

1)Most often , the **SUBMIT** button fails to upload typed questions or answers. The site should be rejigged to mitigate this anomaly.

2)Some published questions are so mundane such that one wonder if there is any internal editing scheme in place. This issue should be addressed adequately to minimize this occurrence!!

I am available to render this service to @musing-io. Would they contact me?😄😄

3) Upvoting of comments should be liberalized as much as possible to allay the fears being entertained by some players!

Since change is the only phenomenon that is constant, @steemit should never hesitate to review these opinions of @whyaskwhy