What do you do to change the feeling of emptiness of your life?
There is a lot of people feeling empty, what can we do as individuals to change that feeling?

I am definitely filling it with something. Sometimes it happens that I am doing that with buying new objects or so, but other times I am just doing something. I would go for a walk, ride my bike, drive a bit, listen to music, write a post on Steemit or answer a few questions in here. There is always something to do to fill that emptiness. I also think that it is mind created and somehow we are searching for it sometimes. It doesn't fall from the sky. It has some positive effects if used properly. If you have often times this type of feelings and you set to always do something when it comes you will find yourself doing things that you haven't regularly done. Like cleaning your house more often, talking to someone close to you more often or working on something that might happen to be a long run project. Sometimes it helps to just observe it also and see that it actually has no foundation and it's just mind created but not all of the time and with anyone. In most of the cases physical action is the best solution. 


We are Human beings and in various times in our life we feel the emptiness in our life it is natural to feel that way.

Once we get that feeling of emptiness in our life there are several changes that happens in our mind and body as well. While to get relief from those kind of situations we often take a break from our life and do something else that would completely take our mind off  of that matter. 

While doing the acts that would take our mind off sometimes we get over from the emptiness within us as those days that we have spend holds some values to us and  those memories really holds us in places for few more days. 

As a matter fact this chain kind  of goes on and in my life it has happened quite a few times. I fill something is missing in my life and I tend to keep away from those feeling by doing extra activities which allows me to forget about the real fact behind my emptiness thus I am just covering those emptiness with some more memories which will eventually fade way after some days or months. 

While to get rid of that emptiness once and for all I should say that, instead of running away from those issues that you are facing   

  • Embrace them 
  • Figure them out
  • Don't let the feeling consume you

In those emptiness of ours we sometimes  do not remember that our life is much more than that, there are plenty of other things that can happen in our life which can bring changes in our life. 

We should think that this is not the end to it. If you are going to give this emotion so much importance than at some point in your life you will never be able to go further. So forget about it and think about the future that awaits you. 

With your work, with your dedication towards life (trust me there are people who have lots of bigger problem than us still they are living everyday of their life with joy and happiness) make it so beautiful that that hole of emptiness just fills up forever  with love and passion to live your life to the fullest.


For a long time, I tried to fill a feeling of emptiness by comparing my life to that of others. Time and time again, I thought that if I were healthier, had more energy, more time or money, my life would be better. If I got this and that, if I met this or that person, if I had this or that opportunity, my life would be more exciting and meaningful.

I did not see yet that this annoying habit of complaining or comparing myself to others only increased the feeling of lack within me. During this time, I was moving in a fog of negativity, continually seeking out a material good, a relationship, an experience that could fill my life. In general, we do not realize that it is our own thoughts that feed our inner lack. When one feels incomplete or feels insecure, one often tends to look for the "why" on the outside.

We point at something, someone or an event. In doing so, we forget to look more closely at what is happening in itself. By dwelling a little on the content of our mind, we make this fascinating discovery: our feeling of lack or dissatisfaction comes from the fact that our mind is rarely in the present moment. He seeks in another time, generally in the future, to satisfy his innumerable desires. He is not trained to stay here and now or to notice the beautiful and the good right now.

People who are rich, truly rich, are not the ones who have a lot of material goods or countless influential relationships, but those who know how to fully appreciate what they already have. By being grateful for the moment, they are filled, soothed and more fulfilled.

Today, I know from experience, that just thanking for the big and small things in life gives a rich meaning to our existence. When we practice gratitude on a daily basis, we cultivate a state of inner plenitude. Gratitude also has the power to divert our attention from the small world of "me" and "I". It frees the mind of negativity, greed, pressure, perfectionism, cynicism and negativism. Since I understood this, I say "thank you" several times a day.

"Thank you" is a very small word that does me the greatest good. It gives me the strength to resist indifference, pity, ingratitude. I say "thank you" for keeping my childhood joy and wonder. I often thank, it is true, but it is neither out of politeness, nor from habit, nor from naivete, but because I have learned through the losses of my existence that life owes me nothing. The more I am able to thank, the less I am afraid of losing, and the more I am grateful for what I have left.

Cultivating gratitude, I know from experience, changes our attitude. And when we change our attitude, our inner world is transformed. Today, take a moment to look around, and find one, five or ten reasons to say thank you.


In case you're feeling void inside then you're not the only one. Numerous individuals feel void inside and they don't know why they feel that way. They have some false convictions about their sentiments. They endeavor to satisfy their internal void with numerous things they surmise that it'll encourage them, however whatever they do it doesn't work out on the grounds that they don't recognize what's causing this sentiment of vacancy. Here are a few hints which can help you in this circumstance : 

Be delicate with yourself. Try not to pound yourself for feeling void inside. 

Try not to endeavor to disregard or change or deny this inclination. 

Try not to endeavor to satisfy the vacancy with things like liquor, drugs, TV, motion pictures and so forth. It's not the arrangement. 

Do things which enhance your life like exercise, contemplation. It might appear to be troublesome at starting however gradually you'll become acclimated to it with more practice. 

Attempt to discover the genuine purposes for your void. Ask yourself that how this is affecting your life.