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What do I have to do to get a vote from musing?
What are the best things to take into consideration when asking something in this DApp?

If the question is on an interesting topic, well articulated, and with explanations as needed, it will usually do OK.  Repeating other recent questions get's boring, so try to be creative.  Engagement with the question helps, but I got the highest vote on one of my questions and it did not receive a single answer - go figure.  Ask questions out of genuine interest, not just strategic attempts at getting a vote.

As for answers, don't try to force a response.  Skim through the questions until one jumps out at you.  If you feel confidant that you can add value to the topic, go for it.  I tend to almost free-write my answers, once I start.  Just lock in on a question and share what you know on the topic.  

Sharing personal experiences also helps, my biggest vote came on a very personal response I made.  It was quite in depth, and detailed regarding a business failure, and sharing a part of my life was quite therapeutic, regardless of the vote.  FYI that answer received an $8.00 up-vote.  It wouldn't be as much with the current prices.

In summary, be genuine, add value to a topic only if you can, don't force a response, if it doesn't flow naturally then it probably won't be much good.

Good luck with it,




Musing is very easy and interesting to use. Excluding the fact that you get upvotes for asking and answering questions, you also get to learn a lot. Some of the factors to consider if you a=want to get an upvote from Musing are:

Ask Sensible Questions: I couldn't think of the right adjective to use in place of the word "sensible" but I'm sure you understand what I mean. Questions like "Am I human?" will most likely be overlooked compared to questions like, "How do I maximize the musing platform effectively?". The most important thing to note is that, there are no right or wrong answers, you just have to be strategic in your answers.

Answer only Questions that you know: What's the point of giving an answer to a question you are not exactly sure of. It is not a must that you answer a particular question. That is why there are various Musing users. Answer only questions that you are sure of.


First of all I would like to point out

 "An upvote from Musing is not guaranteed nor they they are bound to give you upvotes"

While if a user receives and upvote from Musing than it shows that your efforts has been rewarded by the curators of Musing.io as a matter of fact consider it a bonus for the time and effort that you are giving to ask/answer a question in Musing.io

The thing  that the users like about the curation of Musing.io is, they are done manually which means every answer is read thoroughly and gets rearded according to the efforts made for that answer/question. 

While few things that a user can consider which will increase the probability for an upvote from Musing which are in compared to asking question

  • Try to be specific what you want to know
  • Ask something valuable (though you can ask anything)
  • Look out for  the question if it is already asked or not
  • Check out your grammar 

While in answering a question 

  • Look out for those questions that you have an idea of
  • Be to the point of the question
  • Don't Plagiarize your answer 
  • look out for Grammar, Structure of your answer
  • While you are answering a question remember you are giving/suggesting a solution to that person so be humble and be wise with your answer.

In addition to the above points you must read the curation Guideline of Musing in order to know more details about how the curation of Musing works. The link is given below. 


Hope you will get some benefit and enjoy in Musing.io like we all do. 


Read "Musing Curation Guidelines" first : 


Then, make  quality questions and answers. 

 It should be noted, make sure to only ask something you don't know, and that will help many people. Then, make sure you answer with good literature, so easily understood by others. Of course, answers also cannot be OOT (Out Of Topic). 


Musing wants you to produce quality content, so it rewards you with upvotes because you need recognition.


Basically, an answer based on facts and elaborately presentated will be appreciated not only by using but also by the readers. Although it might vary from time to time.

In my experience, majority of my questions / answers were upvoted at 1% voting wieght, which is still consider fine since @musing's SP is high enough to show value to my post.

But if you want to nail some of the bigger votes from musing, take your time to put some analysis to your answers, if possible add reliable sources, and if possible add images or graphics to enhance your presentation. Cheers!


All things required efforts and hardwork. same apply on getting vote from musing. All you need to do is be consistent, write thought provoking and interesting comments, show patience and don't think about reward just keep concentrating to improve your reply and do hard work. Don't stop writing. Don't loose hope. You will be rewarded with good reward upvote on your reply. All the best