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Which is your signature dish for entertaining guests?
Which is your go-to dish, the one that people always love?

It depends who's coming for lunch or dinner and on what's the occasion. I'm famous for my cherry pie, Hungarian goulash, chicken soup, brownies, linzer, walnut cake, stuffed cabbage and a lot of dishes I do usually.

I love to cook and bake and I always do it myself, never expect guests with ordered food or sweets. This is a tradition I want to keep because homemade is always better. People tend to appreciate homemade food more. 


Aside from the fact that this is the only food that I can do well, I guess this is the best food that I can offer to my family & friends ~ Barbecue!

None of my friends would say no to a delicious piece of grilled meat. It's something that can make my guests excited simply through the smell of it. Although the best way to prepare it is to marinate over night, it could also be done in at least 30 minutes if done in a rush.

It's easy & delicious as well :)


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If it's for a wholesome, kid friendly gathering, I prepare my sweet and spicy spaghetti partnered with clubhouse sandwich.

But if it's for a booze-filled occasion, I brag my Bicol Express. It's pork sauteed in spicy shrimp pastr, green chillis and coconut milk.

And now that I have discovered a new dish, I also prepare Tofu Sisig.


Though it always depends on the situation. But as a south Asian, we always love 'Biriany' . Which is a mix of meat, rice and some special ingredients. And it's aroma is the key to give everyone craving for eat. 

I also love to prepare pasta as a side menu or for the afternoon party.


Fried Rice.

Maybe it's because I love love fried rice so I'm a pro at preparing it as I have learnt different styles of making this dish. At home, whenever I say I want to make fried rice for the house, they'll be so excited. So this is my go-to dish for entertaining guests who come visiting.

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I think it depends on how many guests are coming. If there are are loads then I will do ribs on the barbecue. It is much easier to cater for big groups this way.

If there are a few guests then maybe a roast lamb with various vegetables and a pudding to go with it. Having a good home made meal is the best and the most appreciated. I don't necessarily have a signature dish ,but cater to the tastes of who is coming.


Depends on a situatuon, what the guests like and other factors.

But I have a short list of delicous dishes I just Mastered.


Sweet-spicy fried tofu,


Dumplings with beef and sour cabbage, Super spicy hot pot,

Grilled Honey and Beer pork.


i think its based on situation .

but if guest so special or lovely one i will try for him something that he love to eat.

But if he dont have choice i will make chicken fry ,pasta ,pizza .