Which is your favourite Christmas film?
Christmas is nearly here! Which is your favourite Christmas-themed film? Why?

My favorite all-time Christmas movie used to be The Santa Clause with Tim Allen, but it was replaced 15 years ago by Elf.

That, even though I'm not a very big fan of Will Ferrel. I've only seen a couple of his movies other than Elf and just don't find him particularly funny.

However, the innocence of Buddy seems to be a good fit for Ferrel, who seems to do awkward and socially inept pretty well. His unlikely romance with Jovie (Zooey Deschanel), is very sweet. Having the old guard of drama (James Caan), and comedy (Ed Asner and Bob Newhart), is just genius. 

The best scene in the entire movie is when Buddy and Michael find themselves confronted with kids throwing snowballs, and Buddy just starts pelting them in rapid fire succession. It's hilarious to watch, and you get to see that while he didn't really fit in at the North Pole—not really an elf, too big, too slow, too clumsy—and seems too strange for even New York City—too friendly, too kind, too naive—he has moments where his winter and Christmas abilities outshine everyone and everything else.

I'm not typically a fan of Christmas because they pretty much focus on everything but the birth of Jesus Christ, but there's enough innocence and wonder in Buddy that needs to be restored to his biological father and step brother that it ends up being enjoyable throughout.


For some strange reason, I didn't get a better movie than "home alone." Since I was a little girl I liked it and although I saw many Christmas movies, none of them left me as marked as that one. 

Kevin's tender innocence in wanting to have no family reminds me of when I sometimes wished for the same, and ended up being frightened. It also seeks to express that appearances and talking about others do not define us. 

Excellent movie to watch with your family!


I don't have a favourite, probably I'm the only one. There's a movie that I've seen many years ago and always pops up in my mind. Cristian Slater was one of the actors. I think I'm going to look it up this year and watch it again.

The problem is that most of the TV stations are playing Christmas movies all December and people get fed up. I remember years in a row Home Alone was aired by each TV station. I think I had enough for life.


 My favorite  one is "The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack"

It's perfect for everyone, from kids to seniors, and a cult movie for Tim Burton fans. The soundtrack is excellent and I like it too because it is certainly a different film from other Christmas classics.


Probably Braveheart or an action movie like Die Hard. There are enough Die Hard's as they really milked that one to death.

I am not into the rubbishy Christmas movies about Santa and his elves. Normally they were full of failed B grade actors that were cheap to produce.