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Should spam comments still be considered abuse? Or can we use our RC allocation in any way we want?
Under HF19 anyone could make as many comments as they wanted. Under HF20 each user has an allocation of comments they can make based on their Resource Credits. These Resource Credits are based on a user's Steem Power investment. So should we still consider spam comments an abuse, or should users be allowed to spend their Resource Credits in any way they see fit?

I agree with the other answer so far.   Spam comments will always be considered abuse.  There are times if you have an established relationship with another user that you can probably get away with a one sentence comment.  

In most cases, that is going to be frowned upon though.  I understand what you are saying about letting people just post what they want because if they throw out a bunch of spam comments they will eventually burn through all of their RC and won't be able to post them anymore.

I see two problems with that though:

First, this still makes it more difficult for the original poster to sort through the legitimate comments on their post and generate some interactions between legitimate users.  It is far better to continue to discourage spam comments in the first place.  This way if I am the original poster, I don't have to sort through a bunch of garbage to get to the comments that actually hold some value.

Second, it has already been discussed that they are potentially going to allow the leasing of RC in the future.  If we don't do what we can now to deter users from posting spam comments, they will just continue to do it.  When they run out of their own RC, they will just lease RC from another source and continue to do it.

As you can see, it makes much more sense to dissuade this type of behavior in the first place.  I don't know as though flagging is the immediate answer, but teaching and encouraging each other to write more well thought out comments.  Comments that have value and create interactions.  Comments that add something to the discussion are what we should be striving for.


I agree with others on this one - spam comments are, and always will be a form of abuse! It has become alot less under HF20 (and I imagine due to the sharp fall in crypto prices over the later half of 2018!). I am seeing very few outright spam comments lately which is good - I think that the people who are on here are, for the most part, trying to use the platform effectively.

Because of the decentralised nature of Steem, users are free to use their RC how they like, but other users are also able to flag how they like. So users who spam/scam are likely to face retribution from those users who are trying to clean up the Steem blockchain.

WIll be interesting to see what happens with spam when the price (finally) increases again!


There is no way to stop anyone spending their Resource Credits the way they see fit. We can flag them, of course, which does nothing to diminish their Resource Credits. It only takes away their rewards and hurts their reputation which some UIs use to control the visibility of posts. I don't think it should be possible to flags to diminish somebody's Resource Credits. That would open the possibility of whole new kind of abuse. Spam comments seem to be pretty well under control now.


Clear answer to that. Yes, spam comments are abuse. One should not even think about it. That only gives social media a bad reputation. It is annoying and unnecessary.


Spam comments will always be considered abuse, at least in my opinion.

We are here to post valuable content and that goes for comments as well. That's common decency! We have to respect the platform, each other and act accordingly.

Spamming is never allowed, no matter what!

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