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What's the best way to deal with repeat questions on musing.io?
(a) Do nothing. Repeat questions aren't a problem.<br>(b) Moderators block answers to repeat questions and redirect to the original question.<br>(c) Merge repeat questions and their answers with the original question.<br>(d) Use an SMT / reputation system, with repeat questions discouraged by a loss of musing reputation level and / or lower future SMT earning potential.<br>(e) Have a pop-up of all similar questions when a new question is raised.<br>(f) other
I like option C the most I think. We have to understand that part of the problem we currently have with the platform is that Communities and SMTs are not implemented yet. When they get implemented, there will be far less incentive for people to spam up any of the dapps trying to earn STEEM. That being said, there are honest mistakes too.

STEEM is a dapp platform and it doesn't allow for censorship as it's a base layer protocol. Search options are rather limited at this point and it's not very easy for people to go back through history and sort through all previous questions asked. In the future, there can be design upgrades that make these issues less of a problem and making a major design change now that could have negative impact on future developments isn't ideal.

Essentially I think we have to have a little patience at this point and consider the perspective of the other users. They may not intentionally be spamming, so don't punish them. The ones that are intentionally spamming are most likely living in pretty dire conditions and trying not to starve to death. In the end let's focus on building a great platform and not running off users based on our own assumptions.
I imagine a mix of (c) and (e) will do best. where when one posts a question it serves as a search function so that users can also look at answered questions that is most similar to what is being posted.

But even if a user chooses to post questions despite a duplicate one existing, curators and moderators can merge or delete the questions depending on curation/moderation policies.
I go with option a as well with c because there is no any problem of repeating the question we can change it by the way he question like example he has asked question like this let's have a party today
And you asked can we have a party today both have similiar meaning the only difference we see is that the way of speaking is only different .

We can merged the question and answer and make a new question from that so we can make varities of question which were asked previously so it is very happy for everyone to have their own question from the previous repeated question it should be not same question you can post instead of that the speaking language sholud be different and also it has same meaning which was asked before.

By viewing the answer and from that only we can merged the idea in small sentence and make them in to question then we can have a good question from it also.so ,I definitely goes with both a and c question.