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Which country produces the best coffee?
Which country produces the best coffee? Are there any particular growing areas that you recommend from within that country that I should try?

From my researches, coffee is produced widespread across the continent's of the the world but nonetheless have some countries where it production is at the maximum. Coffees is reportedly produced from around 70 Countries of the world. Majority of world supplies comes from Brazil, Honduras, Ethiopia Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Arabia.

When is comes to quantity, Colombia is regarded as the highest world supplying country with about 15% of the global market. On another hands, when it comes to quality, Guatemala is regarded as the country with the best quality supplies.


This is a difficult question because it depends on the criteria to be used to determine if one coffee is better than another. People who like coffee with a "strong" flavor will have a completely different opinion of those who prefer softer coffee with fruity notes, for example.

In addition, talking about countries can give the false impression that all the coffees of the same country have the same taste, whereas that is not the case at all. There are several factors that influence, depending on the geography, the variety of the plant, the benefits, the way it was roasted, etc.

I have not tried it yet, but few people consider the "best coffee in the world" as a variety called Geisha or Gesha, which grows in Panama. Cultivating this variety is very difficult and expensive, so much so that the grain is sold at auction. And all of this makes the price of this coffee extremely expensive, even compared to other equally excellent varieties.

Personally, the coffee I have most loved so far is from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. And secondly, one from the Cauca Department in Colombia. But I still have a lot to try.


A cup of warm coffee is a mandatory drink for many people in the morning. Coffee is still a champion in terms of beverages with special taste.

A number of countries are competing to produce the best coffee beans. But there are countries which until now have been invincible in producing the best coffee. One of them, our country, Indonesia. Other than that? Next is the list.

1. Brazil

Brazil is the largest producer of the largest kpi in the world. In 2014, Brazil exported 45 million bags of coffee throughout the world. Brazilian coffee is known for its creamy texture and low acidity. There are also quite famous coffee flavor variants from Brazil, namely the taste and aroma of chocolate and caramel.

2. Colombia

Colombia is also a country that has a strong reputation for quality coffee beans. This can not be separated from tropical temperatures and highlands in Colombia, where coffee plants. Colombian coffee has a low and medium acidity with a thick nutty flavor.

3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica produces coffee beans that are processed wet or "washed". This means that the fruit covering the coffee beans is removed before drying. Like the characteristics of Central American coffee, Costa Rica coffee tends to have a moderate to sharp acidity. It is perfect for balancing the sweetness of honey or when it becomes a baked bean curry.

4. Indonesia

From all islands in Indonesia, you can say that they have typical coffee beans. This is influenced by the geographical differences where the coffee plants are cultivated. One of the most favored citizens of the world is coffee from Sumatra and Java. Then, coffee which also carries the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world is civet coffee which is touted as the most expensive coffee in the world.

5. Jamaica

There is coffee in Jamaica that needs to be certified by the local government before it is marketed, the coffee is Blue Mountain coffee. The export path is very regulated in such a way and should not be just anyone marketing it. This coffee is indeed quite special in terms of planting. Planted on highlands (starting at 3,000 feet) in the Blue Mountain region, Central Jamaica. The taste of coffee tends to be soft and very distinctive.