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At what level of weekly income would you consider reducing your posting or giving up on Steem?
The Steem price is dropping and with it the post payout amounts and vote values. Typically this results in fewer posts from users, and also fewer active users. At what level of *weekly* income would you consider reducing your posting and waiting for better days? At what level would you consider giving up on Steem? $10 per week? $1 per week? $0.1 per week?

I am not too much into it, however I do calculate on my own how to manage my time and how to set priorities on daily basis and yes if  steem will drop to 0.1 usd then I will think about it, because basically I do online activities to survive, so when it becomes difficult to survive through steemit, I have to divert some of my time to other online options, but I am 99% confident that situation will not come and even with steem at 0.4 usd, I will be patient enough and in fact I will spend more time from here on to earn some steem from my activities. I bought steem when steem was 1.8 usd per steem and I converted those steem in to steem power, and even though I am in loss, I am not worried about that at all as I have a long term plan.

I know that the engagement over last couple days have dropped, some of the active bloggers have went offline, but nothing to worry about, as there are still people like me who will keep on moving and pushing it hard. I am well aware of this kind of transformations, so I am not worried about it, I have a set target for 2021/22 and at that time I will think what to do.

thank you and Have a great day.


It's too early to tell the real value of Steem, in fact anyone should not look at its current price especially for those who have long term goal in this platform.

Steemit is just over two years in operation and it's not even in full release (currently in beta). Even a lowly 1 Steem, which currently valued around 40 cents, might grow into something much bigger than you expect. I feel optimistic about it and I already invested much of time on it.

So to reiterate, I don't see any sign of stopping. Since I like content creation and I enjoy viewing the ones created by other Steemian, I don;t feel the need to leave or find another platform for it.


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I don't think in terms of "weekly income" on the Steem blockchain. 

I'm not going to lie like some people, and say the value has no bearing over my mood or mindset, because it certainly does, and there is a level of anxiety associated with not knowing for sure if Steem will fully recover or not, but I maintain confidence that it will recover. 

Even though it's a bit stressful, I see some major opportunity to accumulate Steem right now. It's only my opinion that reducing posting frequency is only a wise choice if Steem never goes back up again, but I don't believe that will be the case.

This isn't advice by any means, I want whats best for Steem, and if that means weeding out the people that are only here for the money...  😎  ✌️