If you could have any technology implant to enhance your abilities, what would you choose?
Any potential implant, it does not have to have been invented yet!

I was born with Aniridia and have been legally blind all my life. If you had asked me this question 10 or 20 years ago I would have answered an implant to fix my vision. However, I know that in a few decades my memory and cognitive abilities won't be as sharp as when I was younger. I've lived so long being legally blind but the thought that old age will have an affect on my mind isn't something I know how to completely prepare for. I guess now I am at a point in my life where I would trade the chance for better vision for an implant that can preserve my mental abilities as I age.


A non-localized quantum interface that could pull the music I hear in my head out into finished form, along with a sort of virtual DAW that could engineer it all in my mind / the quantum cloud.

I’ve been wanting that one for quite a while.


I would say a technology that will allow me to freely eat as much as I want without worrying of any harmful chemicals, substances or toxins in excess entering my body. Lol

Kinda like how I love to eat Lechon Baboy (Roasted Pig) as much as I want but those fats and cholesterols are just in the way as it increases one's blood pressure and a lot of other harmful things. XD

Now just imagine if there is a technology that will allow you to eat to your hearts content. A technology that will filter out harmful excess that enters or digested by your body. If you ingested a lot of fat meaty oily food, no worries! The excess fats/oils were filtered out by this undiscovered gem of a technology. Lol


I do not really like any implants. But l will just think of it hypothetically. Imagine having implants. I would want the ones that could enhance my metabolic rate. Imagine having this machine that enhances the metabolic rate of our body..

We would check our data on how fast our body burns the amount of energy in the body. Then we can do some tweaks and adjustments to it. This would make it really cool.

The second enhancement or implant that I would want to do is to have a memory boost. I know that there is a fact that human brains can be limitless and why would a memory boost be good. It is to remember those details in things.. I am not sure if this would reduce the brains natural capacity to remember things.

The third implant would be strength enhancement. Imagine having super strength. Not like the ones superman has, but just strength which is a lot higher than normal people. If i wanted to life things, I do not require any help, I will just lift things as I want. How cool would that be.

Well, I think if these implants were here and available now. Then it post this question, is it even legal and does it go against ethics? Do governments actually want to regulate it?


- I don't like implants in general, but if I had a choice, and I'm kind of working on it, it would be self healing nanobots. Just nanobots, or something that goes to the wound and repairs it. But we already have that technology for the military, something that makes the soldiers heal faster. But this is not what I'm talking about, mine is more complex and advance. It heals like the body made stemcells.

- So this is what I'm working on. First, I need to find a way so this technology reads your DNA and knows what your body should look like. Then, for example, if you loose a leg, this technology makes a copy, but just a small part, so when the body wants to heal, it needs to follow the copy the robot made. So basically a placeholder.

- My theory that this will work is, that it will prevent your body to fully heal until the leg is completed growed back. So this technology makes sure that the healing proces doesn't just stop when the wound is closed, but when the leg is completed again.

- One of the most important problems that I don't know the answer for this technology I'm working on is, I dont know if the body will create the right nerves and muscles, and if the body does, will it be on the correct place. So is the body capable, is more ofnthe bignquestion that I have. But I'm really scared to use human or animal subjects. What if it goes homunculus.