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Which is the most impressive library you have visited?
Which is the most impressive library you have visited? Can be for any reason: Architectural, size, age, historical importance or other.


Library is house of knowledge where books and other reading material are available for users.Different people have different interest that's why their likeness is also different from each other Some people like to visit traditional libraries and some like digital libraries. There are several type of libraries in which include all form of material.

There are Some type of libraries

  • Traditional library 
  • Digital library
  • Hybrid  library 

Traditional library characteristics are related to physical availability of print and electronic material which available for its users.The main aim of traditional library is to promote and save our culture represent our norms local culture and traditional cultural as well.

Digital library have online collection. Digital library  have thousand of e books e journals and article also available in it. sometime it's freely accessible but some time is available on some cost. But some organisation which work on national level they provide access freely in Institution and in other library as well.http://www.digitallibrary.edu.pk/

Hybrid library Have of both type of material print and e form.It have all kind of material in print form and as well in electronic form and growing number of resources.

I mostly like to visit The Islamia university library which have 250000 collection on multi discipline 50000 books are available  on local culture and 200000 books are available on discipline specially English and our local languages science computer management etc. And my second preference where I visit a lot that is my public library Which have huge collection of all Field of knowledge.When i am in library i imagine i feel comfortable.But I mostly use databases for article reading  for update my information. I mention some databases name which are also available on HTC digital library. These databases name are.

  • Sciencedirect.
  • Emerald Insight
  • Jstor
  • Taylor and Francis
  • Sprinklink

I mostly visit digital library websites and concern these databases for reading.

In future if I have option then I Must visit these library this is my internal wish.

  • Library of Congress 
  • Bodleian Library
  • British Museum library
  • Vatican library
  • Boston library

# Conclusion

Now these days form of reading material are changed that's why physical existence of library are also changed. It's become information center to cultural center and Its physical existence convert into digital existence. Different form of libraries are kept different collection of reading material. It's available in printing and digital form but it's vary people to people and also depend upon their interest. What they want to read and where they want to go. I mostly like both form print and electronic and I also like visit digital library and also traditional library. 

Image Source : https://pixabay.com


My favorite one must be the John Rylands library. I visited it a few months ago. It is still in use as a public library so you can freely enter it. The outside of the building is pretty ugly but once you go inside you enter a gothic wonderland. Some image over here -> https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/john-rylands-library It is not that well known so it is great if you are touring the UK :o)


Google. It has far more in its library than any other out there, If you are not impressed by the library of information Google can pull up and present then you are missing something.

anything from Aardvark to ZZTop can be pulled up on Google and the links it provides. Just like in a library each book has an allocation and a serial number, Google works much the same way. You go to a file index in a library to find a list of related books on the topic, Google does the same thing just with links. Instead of getting a book you get a link to go to for your information.