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Do you respond on questions that already have an answer with a high upvote? Or do you consider such questions closed?
Questions that have been up for a couple of days on Musing generally have at least one upvoted answer. If one of the answers has a large upvote (10% or 15%, say) does this discourage you from responding? Should the process be changed, perhaps with a grace period during which no upvotes are given? Or do you think it is just as possible to receive upvotes on question which already have strong answers?

It should not be viewed like that, if some answer has already received higher votes does not mean that you should not respond to that question, your response to a particular question should be based on, if you have a different view point or answer to the particular question, which has been responded by many already. So no matter if it has already 9/10 responses or more, if you have something different in your opinion you can continue responding to those.

Here the questions and answers are also fairly open ended and it depends of the type of question also.  Some questions are deterministic type of questions and some questions are debatable type which covers so many view points yet remain open ended.

Do not add too many tangents while responding to a question, just for getting higher upvotes, Keep it simple just like you make it in your daily life at home.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I don't think it should make any difference whether it is upvoted or not. I don't look at the answers so I give an honest answer on what I think.

Sometimes a question could have a high upvoted answer but it should never deter you. If your answer is a quality answer why can't you receive a decent vote as well.

I think you are over analyzing the site and should just have fun. Not every answer receives a vote anyway.


There is no reason why I don't have to answer a question with an upvoted answer. Why? My opinions are different from the other answers. If the answer seems to be in agreement to my opinion, I can include more ideas that was never mentioned.

Apparently, this question seems more focused on the earnings. Sorry if I said this. Of course, we all want to receive an upvote, but answering questions are supposed to be for fun. You want to express, and not to impress. So if you are on musing.io, think about the community it builds. The interchanging of ideas and opinions expressed. It shouldn't be solely about earnings.

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If I see a question that has a couple of answers with big upvotes or alot of answers, then I usually have a quick read through them and see if I think I can add anything more to the persons question. Often the question has been answered well and I move on, but sometimes I have a new perspective and will leave an answer


Some people do answer only for the upvote, but I don't. I always answer because I like getting and giving information, therefore I always answer a question if I can. But sometimes I get discouraged yes, those times are when there are a lot of answers that are kind of paragraphs long. So I usually try to read all the answers, or at least most of them. If I fail to do so, I assume that the question has been responded to in an adequate and informative manner. So if I arrive at that conclusion, I will upvote the question and the read responses by me, and continue to my next question.

Btw, I know that I wrote kind of too fancy there, I'm sorry for that, when I'm tired I tend to get very fancy with my language. Any lenguage that I speak.


I answer these questions, I don't see why I shouldn't. I don't think there's such thing as closed question.

Questions can be of many types. If I see factual questions with lots of answers, I don't answer them because there's not much to say in these cases. Repeating the same thing by each user is not ideal I guess.

But there are other questions where my opinion and experience can be of help. I answer those questions with please, regardless of the number of answers existing already or the amount of upvotes given by musing to those questions.


Yeah. I strongly agree with you that a grace period of some days be given on which upvote is given during this period. Lol, I hardly comment on posts older than a day on which must have already been voted. Because most times, I think, "why bother yourself answering an old question which might not be voted on, when there are new questions every single minute". Seeing answers with a big vote on them actually discourages me from providing further answers to that question.


I think that is a deterrent because I feel the adequate response has been given so I search for newer questions I feel I can respond to and share my view on the subject.

Also, some of those questions already have several answers and I would only be repeating things already said so I ignore them.