Do you read any blogs outside of Steem? Which ones would you recommend for interest and high quality?
Do you read any blogs outside of the Steem ecosystem? Which ones would you recommend for interest and for high quality writing? I'm not looking for a list of good blogs, since I can find this on google, but for blogs that you personally have read for some time and why you find them interesting.

Well, I took the liberty to check your steemit blog, to ascertain your areas of interest. However, the result of my mini-investigation is inconclusive, as a majority of your post are either steem, musing or crypto related.

Since we're all different, you may not like what I find interesting. That's why I tried to ascertain our shared interests.

Anyway, here are a couple of sites I personally enjoy visiting and reading its high quality contents.


This site is filled with informative contents on health related topics; fitness, recipe and natural remedies. Jillian Levy is one blogger I have come to like over the years. She writes well researched articles on draxe.com with credible sources. Also, she makes her post personal by sharing her own knowledge, views and suggestions. There are other good bloggers on the site. Dr Josh Axe, a doctor in natural medicine, owns this amazing site.


If you're into football you're definitely going to find this site amazing. It's a popular site, therefore, you might have seen it before. Transfer news, players' profiles, match fixtures, football news, football opinions and historical football data are amongst several info you would find here. It's hard for a day to go by without visiting this site, because I'm a big fan of football. Plus, it supports several languages.


English has become a universal language, even though not all nations have it as their first. It is quite obvious that language is dynamic, hence, it evolves. Same can be said of English. English is not my first language, but over the years I've been able to build my vocabulary, gotten acquainted with the rules of concord, improved my lexical structuring, and let go of the obsolete. This site have contributed to my improvement. Just maybe you'd find it helpful. This is not a relugar blog. It is a site where registered members ask salient questions about English words and sentences. And the most appropriate answers get the most visibility.


This maybe weird, or just maybe not. :) But the thing is, I love insightful quotes. A piece of ancient wisdom is what I call them. If you're just as weird as I am, you may find goodreads.com really interesting. It is not a regular blog, as it is filled with quotes: both medieval and modern ones. Sometimes, I unintentionally share what I learnt in conversations with friends and acquaintances. I have a note filled with my quotes.


This is a 'one stop shop' for news pertaining to technological, medical advancements and scientific mysteries & discoveries. I have referenced this site in quite a handful of posts on my steem blog. One time, I decided to do a research on black holes after reading an article on this site. Yeah! It makes you want to read even more, especially unfamiliar topics. You can find the result of my research on black hole on my steemit blog.


In case you haven't noticed, I'm an avid reader of science publications. Livescience.com is quite similar to futurism, although, Lifescience have a wider range of information. Health, Planet Earth, NASA, Space, Strange News, Animals, History, Human Nature, Reference Articles are categories you can find on the site. Honestly, with this site in your bookmark, you may not need any other science site anymore.


Since it's no news the Chinese are in possession of the world largest economy, then it's no surprise that I like to get updated on things happening in China. This is a Chinese website. Fortunately, my Google chrome browser auto translate its content to English. You'd need an auto translating browser to enjoy its content, except you understand Chinese.


I'm not a big fan of regular news sites, due the techniques most employ to boost their online traffic; clickbaiting and distorted narratives. However, I do visit this site to know what's happening around the world, especially in the UK. This is a big news outlet, with good writers. You'd definitely enjoy reading articles here, if you're not doing that already. The only downside for me, though not an issue for some, is that the articles here are usually too long. I'm very selfish with my time, I'd rather spend my time reading educative materials.


What I like most about this site is their analytical abilities. You'd find its contents especially helpful if you live in the United States. Some of the articles here are on News, Music and Art.

I suggest you check them out and I hope you find this helpful.

Image Source: pixabay.com