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If chocolates are made of clay in future, will you be willing to eat it?
There is a certain type of clay that is able to neutralize toxins, it's the kind of clay that parrots or macaws were eating in the Amazon.

You are asking me if I'm willing to eat clay. It have nothing to do with chocolate.

I don't see a reason to eat it. Unless in a case of mild food poisoning. But for that, I already have active carbon tablets.

It's an alternative, I give you that.


To be honest, the question title is a bit confusing. When I saw the question, I already have an answer in mind, but upon reading the content I realized you are pertaining to some kind of clay that's edible. If a chocolate is made of that kind of clay, of course, I have no problem with it. I actually heard about this edible clay that has healing properties, and I am not sure if that's the same thing you are talking about, but if it can neutralize toxins, I have no problem eating it.

Actually, I don't even think that all chocolates would be made with this type of clay. As time progresses, foods are getting more diverse, with more variation to choose from. So I don't think all kinds of chocolates would be made of this edible clay. I will eat this kind of chocolate with edible clay, but I'm not going for exclusive consumption on it.


Wow. This is something really hard to decide. Imagine that. Chocolates being made of clay. Well, if it taste good, i may try to eat it. It all depends on how good it tends to taste. If it taste like chocolates but made of clay, i guess the calorie content would be much less. >.< Sounds like a good deal. 

I wonder if anyone would ever notice if chocolates would one day be replaced with clay instead of cocoa. Well, maybe everyone would just love to eat it instead but don't really care about the origins. 

I love chocolate a lot but not that much these days not because i don;t like chocolates, i got a blood test a year ago and saw my blood sugar to be kind of high so i dropped off chocolates. But i have seen stories that one day we may run out of cocoas and hersheys the company isn't doing that well as it used to. 


As a chocolate lover a if I'm being honest, probably an addict. I'm gonna need little or no conviction but then again, my health though. So some sort of assurance should be put in place to ensure that i and my fellow chocolate adficts don't drop dead after eating a snicker bar or hurshes.


Chocolate is a food that humans can eat. and it is not possible in a brown front mass made of clay.


As long as delicious as it is and give the same benefit or more, yes I will.


If it tastes as good and it's not harmful yes I would. Feel free to replace "clay" with anything like "plastic", "aluminium", "poo" or whatever 😂😂😂