Why can’t we be forever young both body and mind?
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We age physically because errors accumulate in the extremely complex machinery that our cells, tissues, organs and we as a whole organism are. There are error correction mechanisms in the bodies of all living organisms but they are imperfect and come with costs. Some of that cost is in the form of redundancy of information and some is in extra energy needed to power the error correction mechanisms.

The basic unit of selection in evolution is genetic information. The genetic information stored in DNA molecules determines the structure and behavior of its carrier organisms. It seems likely to me that humans, like any organisms, have a typical life span because that's a local optimum from the point of view of the ability of the genetic information that they carry to survive and spread. What I'm saying is that it may not improve the chances of success of humans as a species for human bodies to use any more resources to prolong the lives of individual humans. Maybe the human species is better adapted by having individual humans live long enough to pass on their wisdom to the younger generation and even help their children look after their own children in the critical early stages than to keep them around any longer. 

The existence of menopause and the importance of older, postmenopausal women in non-reproductive roles is an example of the trade-off I'm talking about. It seems that humans are biologically better adapted by having the reproductive capabilities of its females stop at mid life. Older women can be very beneficial to children as grandmothers instead of subjecting their aging bodies to any more pregnancies and having copies made out of their already damaged DNA instead of reproduction being the province of healthy young women. Probably having one older non-reproducing generation is enough to provide the maximum benefit. It is most likely better for the success of the species to have most of its adult population young and vigorous than to prolong the lives of its elders - at a considerable cost incurred by having more formidable DNA correction mechanisms in place. Our DNA is probably safer transferred into new bodies at their early adulthood rather than being kept intact in any older ones.

The most basic answer is because of entropy. You eat, drink and breathe which requires chemical reactions to occur. These chemical reactions cause atoms and molecules to make new arrangements which requires energy. Over time errors occur where not every molecule is where it is supposed to be. DNA is information and information is subject to entropy.

Even if you externally did something to reverse the biological damage which happens over time in order to do that you require a template of an earlier state as reference. This means information has to be written, stored and retrieved. Again, information is subject to entropy. Even the information etched in the plates of the Pioneer probes which were designed to last billions of years in space will eventually break down. Magnetic tapes that haven't been played for decades still contain pops not originally on the tape. The Universe itself will eventually run down and for all purposes be dead.

Over enough time a biological entity will develop small errors in their genetic code. Any template that is used to revert the genetic information to an earlier state will also develop small errors in the recorded information over time. Gradually any small errors begin to compound with each step into larger errors.

Everything dies. Since this is inescapable remember one thing above all else about death. Do not go into the light. The light is a trick.

It's because of the genetic make up of our cell. It is programmed to age. The only way to deal with it is to slow it down but we can't stop it from happening. Well, the thing i think we can keep young to some extend is our mind. 

We can keep on constantly train our mind. Our neuron connections will remain strong throughout our lifes and keep our minds young. Well, our neuron connections in the brain connect every time we read or do something that is challenging. When we do those things that do not challenge our brain, our mind slows down and the neurons die out. 

I guess, nowadays the citizens of the world have outlived our ancestors. Maybe with more scientific research and development, our lifes can prolong. I guess, aging is a mechanism to prevent overpopulation and to let others have a chance. Imagine having a dictator that is immortal. 

Because we are only creatures created from God. all organs in the body have a time limit. when we are over 40 years old, all organs will decline to function. that's the reason why our bodies and minds are not always young.

But our mind and body will always be young when in the hereafter.

With the spend of time our each nd every part bec0me weak n old. Biological energies are weakend with the pasage of time that is y mind nd b0dy bec0mes weak. As our bodies and  age, many changes occur.So what are the best ways for seniors to stay forever young at heart?Both exercise and laughter are good stress relievers.

Tolerating the decline of a formerly youthful body is hard to accept, but we will be much better off if we can.

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