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Do you have any long-term goal in musing.io? What is it?

I plan to concentrate on certain categories (education, life, spirituality and steem blockhain issues). For more details, I want to work professionally to answer every question in musing.io in the categories I mentioned above. The professional intention here is that I want to answer questions with scientific work and based on my experience and life journey. As a result, the answers I wrote will be small articles stored both in the blockchain ledger and me and anyone can access them anytime and anywhere.


Yes. I see musing .io as a great place where I can acquire a lot of knowledge that I may not know or that I may know but in another new dimension by reading quality answers which I believe will help me in acquiring more knowledge.

Secondly, I also want to share or let me say transfer the knowledge I may have acquired or the ones I have already to others who may not know by answering their questions with more valuable answers to their questions.

Thirdly, I also want to acquire more knowledge that I may not know by asking some questions I know I don't actually know the answer or I find the questions bothering my mind. By asking the question here on musing, I get to read more quality answers to my question and which in turns help me improve my knowledge.

With this long goal of acquiring more knowledge and sharing my knowledge around with others, I don't see myself quiitng musing.io very soon. This is a great place with a great future ahead.



I suppose it's just being around answering and asking questions in the platform. I don't see myself quitting this place anytime soon. Same sentiments with the steem blockchain. So while it's still around, I think it's safe to say I'll just continue sharing my content in this platform for a long term goal.