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What are some things you think steemit and musing might face?

What are the things that I think might be faced by steemit and musing.io ?, namely the lack of interest of writers who work through both platforms. Why is there a reduction in the number of authors who make works through these two platforms? Maybe because the prices of steem don't go up or maybe because they are tired of working on both platforms because they feel the rewards they get aren't worth the work they make.

I think, after the price of steem soared again. The users of the two platforms will be even greater because the rewards they get are comparable to the work they write. Nevertheless, I still use the two platforms because I am optimistic and believe that in the future the price of the coin steem will rise again.

If the price of coin steem rises again, automatically the users of both platforms, namely steemit and musing.io will also go up. Because people will play a platform when the coin price is up. If the coin price is low, the interest of the users will also decrease. I think that's just my opinion from both of these platforms going forward.