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What is the best way to entertain a toddler?

I'm a parent of two kids and two answer this question on entertaining toddlers I'm going to quote my experience. The first and foremost things is to you should treat toddlers very diligently and with utmost care. Following are some pointers that should be very helpful in keeping toddlers engaged and at they same time they would be enjoying as well.

**Some of the Best ways to entertain toddlers **

1. Play simple games with them and some of them which I can share with you are rhyming games, number/alphabet games, which animals are these and other similar sort of these games which they would find interesting and will keep them engaged.

2. Do some magic tricks. This kind of activity toddlers love a lot. To be very frank my kids loved it when they were toddlers. Though they didn't understand what was happening but it made them laugh and while doing the magic tricks I involved them as well i.e. took their hands kept a piece of paper on it and than with some trick of hiding similar paper I brought two pieces f it in their hands.

3. Explore nature with them. Take them to the garden and show them different kind of flowers and play with them in the garden. It could be a running game or something similar to hide and seek. Playing games in the garden is yet another good option to keep toddlers entertained.

4. Try talking to them. This is funny but at the same time when you try talking to the toddlers and try making all sort of different faces in front of them, believe me they love it and they will laugh out loud.

5. Be like a toddler i.e. behave like a toddler with them. This is something that I did with my kids. So, toddlers feel you are one of them and they start liking you a lot. They would love to play with you and you will also notice that will start listening to you.