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How was it like to have your first period?

Wow. My first period, I was in school. It was a sunny afternoon and as I stood up from my seat, I noticed the chair on which I sat on was stained. I was surprised and scared at the same time. I was worried that perhaps I had gotten injured. I was only 13 and didn't understand a thing about periods.

I went to the teacher and requested that I go home on grounds that I was not well and I had just been injured. I cried all the way home to my Mother and told her someone has injured me and I am losing blood that I should be taken to the hospital. She asked where I had been injured, and I said, in my buttocks. She asked to take a look at me in the washroom and laughed so hard on finding out what had happened.

I was surprised, I couldn't imagine my Mother laughing at a serious issue such as that. I mean, I have just been injured and instead of her taking me to the hospital, she was there laughing at me. I cried the more and then, she calmed me down and told me, I had just become a woman. She said there was no need to go to the hospital as the doctors and nurses would laugh at me just as she had done.

She asked me to take a bath and gave me some stuff which I later realized were sanitary pads. She taught me how to wear it on and made me some a hot coffee without sugar. She asked me to rest afterwards and I slept off. When I finally woke up, she told me what it means to have a period and how I should expect it almost every other month.


Relieving, lol!

I was 11 or 12 years old and my mom made me go swimming as an after-school activity (since I was 8) so I wouldn't just "go to school, come home, do homework, play computer games, sleep, repeat".

I hated going swimming - not the activity itself but the boundaries of a dirty school pool and having a trainer guy tell me how much and in what style to swim several times a week instead of just swimming as I pleased.

One day after school and just before leaving to swim, I went on a quick bathroom break to find my panties bloody. I was so freaking happy I got to skip swimming... and of course about the fact my body was finally maturing.


I was about 11, and at home, alone with the house helper.

I remembered feeling weird and sickish. I went to toilet to pee and saw blood stains on my panties. I did not freak out as i had a slight idea of what it was, i am not quite sure if i was happy or not but , i am sure i had quite bit of mixed emotions.

I went and told the maid on what had happened and i also remember vividly that she called me to the bedroom and gave me a pad, she told me hoe to wear it.

Now I Here's the funny part.

Having a pad in between my legs for the first time was a weird feeling. I walked with my legs apart the whole time.

I sat at the edge of the sofa, chair and bed so that i don't stain anything. She had also told me that i should mind how i sit, so i found my self crossing my legs.

When my mom returned from work that evening, i sat her down (as though something serious had happened, lol), and told her i found blood in my pants. She asked me what i meant and i had to explain how it all had happened and guess her reaction , She Laughed out soo loud, and knowing my mother, i know that laughter was a thing of joy that her daughter had grown. Lol.

She took me to the bathroom, showed me how to clean up and how to wear a pad and the whole of that week, she watched me closely.

Same thing happened when i started growing boobs and was walking with my chest inwards scared that the boobs will show and people will notice.. Lol, story for another day perhaps.

Thank u for this question by the way, its gpod when we women talk and share these things openly as they are normal and stop tge stigmatization that often comes with it.




I got my period when i was 14+, at that time i was in boarding school. Being in the midst of other girls and having older sisters, prepared me for it. I had substantial knowledge of what menstruation was and what to do when it begins.

We usually had health professionals and volunteers, who organized talks in our school, to teach us about reproduction, abstinence from sex, STIs and other issues. They shared pad during one of this talks, so i didn't have to buy one, when i got my first period.

I finished it very fast, because i wasn't really experienced with using it and a very kind senior student gave me a full packet to use when i couldn't get one.

It was a a really nice gesture and i won't ever forget it.


You know what , being on a first period is such a disaster for me . :( I can experience a lot of discomforts like being too moody and irritated the whole day . If I am working , I feel uncomfortable to teach and I have a very short patience towards my student . Even little things annoys me and I really want to lie down the whole day if I can. Honestly , I just had mine the other day and I was literally lazy and I did not want to do anything and I just did sleeping and eating . :D


Hello! In the event that I at any point had a sister, id disclose to her precisely the same thing what I am will state to you.

You will be alright. :)

I got my periods when I was 8. It was early. I thought about the progressions that would transpire. In any case, when it initially occurred, I really had no clue what was going on.

The day I got my period Mom wasn't home and I was staring at the TV (exceptionally typical). I at that point feel somewhat unusual (not typical). So I go to utilize the washroom, and the following thing I see is that my jeans are recolored (abnormal). So I change my jeans (typical). I keep staring at the TV (typical). I feel strange again and this time it's more awful, as there is agony to it. ( So Not ordinary). I return to the washroom, and this time the entire jeans are recolored. I was petrified. Set aside me some opportunity to assemble my faculties, and change into another jeans (befuddled). The entryway chime rang in at some point and I realized it was mother. She came in and I raced to demonstrate her my two recolored pants. Next thing I was her heading off to the closet and getting an orange pack of murmur. That was the point at which I was enlightned. Next thing, mother compliments me (SERIOUSLY?).

You recognize what periods are, so convey a cushion any place you go. In spite of the fact that this is a standout amongst the most common and typical things, it can get humiliating in the event that you are not watchful.

Tell your mother everything. Everything that will transpire would be different to you. So the best individual to exhortation you and enlighten you regarding "stuff" is her.

You are blessed for having companions who have just got their periods. Since I got it ahead of schedule, for a year or two, I had no companions to discuss it to. At that point inevitably we as a whole got it.

Presently just to perk you up a little, this was something us young ladies made in school:

Young lady one: She got her period! :D

Young lady two: hello! Try not to be so boisterous! Wouldn't you be able to Whisper?

Young lady one: hello! Be that as it may, aren't we expected to Stayfree?

Such plays on words. :3

You could likewise approach you companions to check for the "Japan Flag". Its code word for stain allert.

Amid your periods you could feel things transpiring or you responding in such ways that you don't have authority over. So why worry about it? Give it a chance to occur. You have a craving for crying, you cry. You have a craving for giggling like a retard seal, you do it. Eat what ever you need to. Keep yourself hydrated well.

Presently the agony. The agony. Aghhh. The agony. Ow.

The torment can be irritating and disappointing. Make you testy and all, yet trust me, it isn't intolerable. You are extremely solid. You can endure significantly more, period torment is no poop. So I would emphatically exhort you, that of you ever imagine that you are smashing down with period torment, get on the overnight boardinghouse. As much as you can. Rest for 20 hours on the off chance that you need, yet give rest.

Try not to go for drug. That's right.

Presently period is something you are just going to realize how to manage once you get it. Its been 8 years for my situation, regardless I can't control my emotional episodes. Yet, while this time, I have begun becoming more acquainted with myself more.

Guess what? Celebrate on your first period! It'll make you feel wonderful! :D

All the best to you! :)


People are generally afraid of seeing blood, because bleeding is usually associated with pain or injury. So it is not surprising that if a person lacks a correct explanation or preparation, a general picture according to local culture, myths, or even ignorance can cause him to mistakenly associate menstruation with illness or injury or view it as something shameful.

You need to know that bleeding during menstruation is a normal process experienced by all healthy girls. As a parent, you can help her not be too anxious or afraid.

Incidentally what I experienced was the opposite, my mother never told me that before me, when I was 11 years old was the most hysterical period of my life, I didn't know the least about that first period, and this made me very scared.

Strangely at that time I was embarrassed to ask my mother what I was experiencing, fortunately I had a older cousin sister and we discussed the matter together, finally I returned calm and prepared to welcome her arrival the following month.

Finally it made the lesson for me to prepare to explain to my daughter when the first period arrived in time, I did not want the mistakes my mother had made against happened in my daughter's life. I don't want she would to be hysterical and trauma to welcome the first period of his life.