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What are the types of people that you should always avoid?

1. People that talk about other people too much especially when they often spout negativity. How they talk about their dislike for other people would be the same way as how they talk negative about you behind your back. 

2. Freeloaders. Those that are always around when you're high and go missing when you're at your worst. We see this in the steem blockchain frequently. Those posts that preach about how great their supportive witnesses are and then disappear when the market is down or just move on to another high SP account to milk. 

3. People that have no consistency at what they do. You'd trust your enemies more for the things you already know  you hate about them than a stranger that still has to give a clear set of patterns to let you know what they are about. 


Generally speaking, I think we should avoid those who are bad to/for us.

We should avoid those who are bad influencers. Those who will teach or influence us to be the worst versions of ourselves.

We should avoid those who does not have conscience. Those that lies, cheat, steal and do other bad things and not even sorry for it. Worse is that they are even bragging about it and treat it as their achievement.

We should avoid those who always make us feel we are worthless and do not know how to appreciate us.


There is a saying that a person normally tends to inherit some properties from people around them. Therefore it becomes very important that you should always try to be around people with whom you are comfortable talking too and are good in nature. 

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Following is my top 8 list of people that I normally try to avoid as much as possible due to their nature, attitude and different aspects which I don't like about them.

The Envious OR Jealous

People who are Jealous of your success or may it be your happiness should be avoided. No matter how good you try to be with them they are always going to envoy you, so it's better to stay away from these kinds of people who are Jealous of anything you possess.


Negativity attracts bad things which aren't going to do any good. There is a famous quote which goes like- 

"A Negative Mind will never give you a positive life"

So, avoid these kinds of people as well who spread negativity and by the negativity I mean people who just think that bad about anything, they are just lacking the positive aspects of life, therefore avoid such people too.


When you come across or know that someone tries to deceive things or is a liar then it's the time to avoid these people as well. These kinds of people who try to deceive things will always think of their benefit no matter what happens to their friendship. So a big NO to these people as well. 

Trouble creators 

People who intentionally and repeatedly do and say things that they know troubles Or upsets you are to be avoided as well. They are just being too smart and creating an unhealthy environment for you. So it's best to avoid people who are troublesome and try to act smart in creating problems for you.

Trusty  worthiness is missing

People whom you cannot trust are to be avoided as well. Trust is a pillar that builds relationships deeper and if that trust level is missing in a person then its quite obvious you should be avoiding them as well.


Being thankful and showing how grateful he or she is for some kind of a favor done speaks a lot about that person. Whereas people who have an attitude and are thankless gives you some sort of uneasiness feeling when you are confronting these people and hence they are in my TO avoid list of people.


Finally, the inspired people will always help you in getting to your dreams/goals closer. They will be your mentors and guide you towards your journey to success. Therefore people who aren't inspired to do something great in their lives or aren't willing to take those challenges in their life - Avoid those Uninspired people as well.


Of course, we must avoid toxic people.

This type of person is a type of person who always has a negative aura for others. Always blame the party / object / other people when difficulties arise.

This type of person believes that his happiness is the responsibility of those around him, be they friends, parents, children, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters or life partners. And not his full responsibility.

This is why he will usually demand that people around him are always satisfied or happy. And if he is not happy, he will blame the people around him for the suffering he has suffered.

Toxic people often have a victim mentality and always feel uncomfortable because of others. And even worse, he seems to like the situation as toxic people.

It becomes more and more complicated, if that toxic person is the person closest to us that we can not avoid completely. For example our parents, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters or partners.


Anyone that doesn't affect your life positively should be avoided: mostly negative and toxic people. This type of people won't add anything to your life, rather they will make you lose your confidence and unsure of yourself.

Also, anyone that will influence you to involve yourself in harmful habit or ungodly practices doesn't mean well for you and should be avoided at all cost


Thank you for asking a nice question. We all know that five fingers in our hand are different . One big and a small one. Just like all of them are somebody who is good and somebody is bad. All bad people should be avoided if we do not ignore them, then we can not improve our lives.

Below I'm discussing what kind of people we have to avoid

Evil person

We should always avoid the evil people. They can never do good to anybody. They are harmed by the people, so we have to avoid the unscrupulous people.

Idiot person

We always have to avoid the idiots. who do not have good character, how they can be good, because of them, you can face many problems, so avoid them.

Selfish person

We must always avoid from the selfish people . because they will never want you to do it yourself, so avoid the selfish people.


if you are not away from thief , then you can get in trouble. so avoid them.

Gambling person and chit person

We must always avoid from them. if we are with them, we can get in trouble, so avoid them


A traitor!

I would be very careful dealing with a traitor because they always act like someone who is good, but then they will stab from behind.

In fact, in this world of Steem, there are many traitors, including @steemitman who betrayed my trust.


Lethal individuals make no sense. Some are willfully ignorant of the contrary effect that they have on everyone around them, and others appear to get fulfillment from making confusion and pushing other individuals' catches.

As critical for what it's worth to figure out how to manage various types of individuals, really lethal individuals will never be worth your time and vitality—and they take a considerable measure of each. Lethal individuals make superfluous unpredictability, difficulty, and, to top it all off, stretch.

"Individuals motivate you, or they deplete you—pick them carefully." – Hans F. Hansen

Late research from Friedrich Schiller University in Germany indicates exactly how genuine harmful individuals are. They found that presentation to improvements that reason solid adverse feelings—a similar sort of introduction you get when managing poisonous individuals—made subjects' cerebrums have a gigantic pressure reaction. Regardless of whether it's antagonism, remorselessness, the unfortunate casualty disorder, or outright madness, harmful individuals drive your mind into a worried express that ought to be kept away from no matter what.

Concentrates have long demonstrated that pressure can have an enduring, negative effect on the mind. Presentation to even a couple of long stretches of pressure bargains the adequacy of neurons in the hippocampus, a vital cerebrum zone in charge of thinking and memory. Long stretches of pressure cause reversible harm to cerebrum cells, and long stretches of pressure can for all time demolish them. Poisonous individuals don't simply make you hopeless—they're extremely hard on your cerebrum.

The capacity to deal with your feelings and try to avoid panicking under strain has an immediate connect to your execution. TalentSmart has led inquire about with in excess of a million people, and we've discovered that 90% of best entertainers are gifted at dealing with their feelings in the midst of worry with the end goal to stay cool and in charge. One of their most prominent endowments is the capacity to distinguish poisonous individuals and keep them under control.

It's regularly said that you're the result of the five individuals you invest the most energy with. In the event that you permit even one of those five individuals to be lethal, you'll before long discover how proficient he or she is of keeping you down.

You can't would like to remove yourself from lethal individuals until you first know their identity. Try to isolate the individuals who are irritating or essentially troublesome from the individuals who are really dangerous. What pursues are ten kinds of harmful drainers that you should avoid no matter what with the goal that you don't end up one yourself.

1. The Gossip

"Incredible personalities examine thoughts, normal ones talk about occasions, and little personalities talk about individuals." – Eleanor Roosevelt

Gossipers get delight from other individuals' disasters. It may be enjoyable to look into another person's close to home or expert socially awkward act at first, yet after some time, it gets tiring, makes you feel gross, and damages other individuals. There are such a large number of positives out there and an excessive amount to gain from fascinating individuals to squander your time discussing the adversity of others.

2. The Temperamental

A few people have positively no power over their feelings. They will lash out at you and venture their emotions onto you, at the same time imagining that you're the one causing their discomfort. Inconsistent individuals are difficult to dump from your life on the grounds that their absence of authority over their feelings makes you feel awful for them. At the point when there is no other options however, touchy individuals will utilize you as their enthusiastic latrine and ought to be maintained a strategic distance from no matter what.

3. The Victim

Exploited people are hard to distinguish on the grounds that you at first sympathize with their issues. In any case, over the long haul, you start to understand that their "critical moment" is constantly. Exploited people effectively push away any moral duty by making each hindrance they experience into an uncrossable mountain. They don't see intense occasions as chances to take in and develop from; rather, they consider them to be an out. There's a well-known adage: "Torment is unavoidable yet enduring is discretionary." It consummately catches the harmfulness of the person in question, who endures inevitably.

4. The Self-Absorbed

Self-retained individuals bring you down through the impassionate remove they keep up from other individuals. You can as a rule tell when you're sticking around self-ingested individuals since you begin to feel totally alone. This happens on the grounds that to the extent they're worried, there's no reason for having a genuine association among them and any other individual. You're just an instrument used to fabricate their confidence.

5. The Envious

To desirous individuals, the grass is constantly greener elsewhere. Notwithstanding when something extraordinary happens to desirous individuals, they don't get any fulfillment from it. This is on the grounds that they measure their fortune against the world's the point at which they ought to get their fulfillment from inside. Also, let's be honest, there's dependably somebody who might be listening who's improving the situation on the off chance that you look sufficiently hard. Investing excessively energy around desirous individuals is unsafe in light of the fact that they instruct you to trivialize your very own achievements.

6. The Manipulator

Controllers drain time and vitality out of your life under the façade of fellowship. They can be precarious to manage on the grounds that they treat you like a companion. They comprehend what you like, what makes you glad, and what you believe is clever, yet the thing that matters is that they utilize this data as a component of a concealed plan. Controllers dependably need something from you, and in the event that you think back on your associations with them, it's everything take, take, take, with next to zero giving. They'll successfully prevail upon you to make sure they can work you over.

7. The Dementor

In J. K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" arrangement, Dementors are shrewd animals that drain individuals' spirits out of their bodies, abandoning them simply as shells of people. At whatever point a Dementor goes into the room, it goes dull, individuals get chilly, and they start to review their most noticeably awful recollections. Rowling said that she built up the idea for Dementors dependent on exceedingly antagonistic individuals—the sort of individuals who can stroll into a room and in a split second drain the life out of it.

Dementors drain the life out of the room by forcing their antagonism and cynicism upon everybody they experience. Their perspectives are dependably glass half unfilled, and they can infuse dread and worry into even the most generous circumstances. A Notre Dame University ponder found that understudies appointed to flat mates who thought contrarily were unmistakably bound to create negative reasoning and even discouragement themselves.

8. The Twisted

There are sure dangerous individuals who have terrible aims, getting profound fulfillment from the torment and wretchedness of others. They are either out to hurt you, to make you feel terrible, or to get something from you; else, they have no enthusiasm for you. The main beneficial thing about this sort is that you can recognize their goals rapidly, which makes it that a lot quicker to get them out of your life.

9. The Judgmental

Judgmental individuals rush to let you know precisely what is and isn't cool. They have a method for taking the thing you're most enthusiastic about and making you feel horrible about it. Rather than acknowledging and gaining from individuals who are not quite the same as them, judgmental individuals look down on others. Judgmental individuals smother your craving to be an enthusiastic, expressive individual, so you're best off removing them and acting naturally.

10. The Arrogant

Self-important individuals are a misuse of your time since they see all that you do as an individual test. Egotism is false certainty, and it generally covers real instabilities. A University of Akron consider found that pomposity is related with a huge number of issues in the work environment. Presumptuous individuals will in general be bring down entertainers, more upsetting, and have more subjective issues than the normal individual.

Step by step instructions to Protect Yourself Once You Spot Them

Lethal individuals make you insane in light of the fact that their conduct is so nonsensical. Don't imagine it any other way—their conduct really conflicts with reason, so for what reason do you enable yourself to react to them sincerely and get sucked in with the general mish-mash?

The more silly and misguided somebody is, the less demanding it ought to be for you to expel yourself from their devices. Stop endeavoring to beat them unexpectedly. Separation yourself from them inwardly, and approach your communications with them like they're a science venture (or you're their psychologist on the off chance that you lean toward that relationship). You don't have to react to the enthusiastic mayhem—just the certainties.

Keeping up a passionate separation requires mindfulness. You can't prevent somebody from pushing your catches in the event that you don't perceive when it's going on. At times you'll wind up in circumstances where you'll have to regroup and pick the most ideal route forward. This is fine, and you shouldn't be reluctant to get yourself some an opportunity to do as such.

A great many people feel as if in light of the fact that they work or live with somebody, they have no real way to control the disorder. This couldn't possibly be more off-base. When you've distinguished a poisonous individual, you'll start to discover their conduct more unsurprising and less demanding to get it. This will prepare you to contemplate when and where you need to endure them and when and where you don't. You can set up limits, however you'll need to do as such intentionally and proactively. On the off chance that you let things happen normally, will undoubtedly wind up always entangled in troublesome discussions. On the off chance that you set limits and choose when and where you'll draw in a troublesome individual, you can control a great part of the mayhem. The main trap is to adhere to your firearms and keep limits set up when the individual attempts to cross them, which they will.