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Does Musing Reward to Answer Old Questions?
I have found some questions in musing which are 50-60 days old. If I answer them and if they are quality answer then is there any chance that musing will reward my answer?

I believe that you can receive rewards for answering old questions

For example, the below question on bandwidth was made 44 days ago.  One answer made 2 days ago and received a 25% upvote from musing, so quite a high upvote:


However I would expect that the answer would need to be strong to attract rewards, particularly if there were many previous answers. I always think you need to be adding something new or providing the most interesting / the most factual / the most engaging answer. This is more difficult the more answers there are for a question.

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Yes, I believe you can get upvotes on answers to old questions. My first few days on steemit, I made a lot of answers and most of these questions were dug out using the Search button and I got upvotes on a few of these answers. However, you should know that musing will not necessarily upvote you because you answer old questions, but will do so if the answers are considered detailed and of value to the question and community at large.
Musing upvotes any question that adds value and has quality. Regardless of being old or new. And about the quality part, its not an scholarly article or a "hood poem" filled with slangs. Only keep a few things in mind and you will be ok. I try to answer peoples queries in musing rather often. And ill be giving you a few things that ive learned along the way. You can use them too if you feel like it. ●Dont answer a question that has been answered repeatedly unless you think you can write one that will be better than all the others. ●Try to keep the answer balanced and brief. Do not make it longer or shorter than neccessary. ●Do not emphasize on unneccessary things. ●Make it as much educative as possible. Grammer or formatting should be elegant but dont try hard on those. Just try and see that if you successfully delivered a satisfactory answer. ●Dont lose hope if you dont get upvoted. You are here to help others. The upvotes are just the incentives. Do it selflessly. And the mods and curators here are very busy individuals. Despite that they reward almost all of the good ones. So its natural if they miss one here and there. These should help you along for the time being here. Atleast they did to me.
sometimes some answers gets upvoted and when you check some of those answers you will notice that some of them are answers to questions asked several weeks or months ago so that means that yeah your answers to old questions can still get upvoted if the answers are reasonable and informative and also is the right answer to the questions asked...