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How some posts in Steemit get more than hundreds or thousands of earnings?
I have seen many posts in steemit those have more than hundreds or thousands upvotes and money. I want to know the secrete.

That secret is vote buying. There are bot-operated Steem accounts that have very high Steem Power and that accept transfers of STEEM or SBD as payment for upvotes. The profitability of using bid bots is questionable. In their competition over Steem Power delegations, it is the delegators (and the bid bot owners) who earn from bid bots, not the vote buyers. 

Bid bots are best thought of as promotion tools. If you want to promote your posts to garner attention, then you can use bid bots. But they are no shortcut to high earnings as you generally pay for what you get and sometimes more. One constructive use of bid bots is for projects to make important announcements because by paying enough to bid bots it is possible for a post to get to Trending. A lot of Steemians do not think very highly of Trending as they see it as being filled with highly rewarded mediocrity or even trash. Whenever a scammer appears on Steem, they are inclined to use bid bots to gain attention to reach potential victims.


If your question is about number of upvotes, say for example thousands of upvotes, that can be easily get-able with the use of instant bots like smartmarket and minnobooster.

If you are talking about thousands of earning, then again that can be get-able with the use of bid-bots and instant bots both- People are using high size bids to get the greater pie of the bid bots and that is boosting their post the trending page of steemit.

If your post is in trending page then you can get the attention of public in steem community as most of the people definitely check trending page once in day at least as far as I know. You may also get some organic upvotes from the whales if your content is interesting and good.

Thank you and Have a great day.

The posts on the trending page are almost always there due to the author purchasing votes using bid-bots (or similar vote buying services through smartsteem etc).

Essentially the author uses SBD or Steem to pay for the post payout. The main benefit is promotion / marketing, i.e. getting their post lots of views.

There may also be a profit or loss, largely dependent on how the Steem price moves over the seven day payout period and the competitiveness of the bid-bot vote auction. However this profit or loss is much smaller than the post payout you see on the Steemit site.

One way to check the bid-bot use is to switch across to the busy.org platform. By clicking on the number of upvotes you can see all the voters for the post and the dollar amounts of the upvote. You can then check the voters against the steembottracker to see which are bid-bots.

For example on the current post at the top of trending the top voters are appreciator, smartsteem, buildawhale, rocky1, upme, postpromoter, therising, isteemd, upmewhael, and jerrybanfield. These are all bid-bots or vote purchasing services.

Of the total $780 post payout on that trending post the highest vote amounts which do not come from a vote-purchase are $1.75 (someone hunting curation rewards by voting before the bid-bots) and $0.48. Without the vote purchasing the post would make only a few dollars maximum.
Those are either promoted/ Has a massive community support/ bought votes or official announcement posts. Almost every posts you see in hot or trending tab are there because of those reason.

Except that some are supported by curators or projects like utopian-io, steempress-io, steemstem etc. Try contributing in steem backed projects such as those previously mentioned and some day you too will find your posts to have hundreds of dollars in rewards.

Here is the one line answer :

The same way some FB posts get thousands of likes , either by money (promotion) or quality of post or by network.

Most people use bots such as Steem Bot Track and (old)Steem Follower. You can also promote your own post through steemit or joining a growth community such as #CommunityGrowthProject.

From what I can see the best way to decipher which strategy a particular user has implemented, check their wallet feed for who they've sent money to.

Of course you could always do something crazy like contribute quality content... but who the f*ck does that! lol j/k
Especially you, have to have a lot of steem power, if you have a lot of steem power, not only millions you get in your posts but billions.
how to maximize revenue from Steemit, namely:

1. Active Writing
Surely the required skill is writing. Every post that is published will be easily indexed by the Steemit community. Interesting posts will certainly get coins, collect and later can be exchanged into the crypto exchange. Posts can speak Indonesian, but it would be nice to post in English. Because the chance to get coins is much bigger, especially if you enter Trending. And finally, even though Steemit is considered tempting, don't plagiarise because there will be many other users who are not interested in you.

2. Give the Best Comments in Other User Posts
What if you can't write interesting content? Steemit also provides convenience by voting and commenting on other people's posts. Good comments will be rewarded with dollars.

3. Posting Votes and Comments
From published posts, you can get votes from other users. Likewise your comments on other users' posts, also have the opportunity to get voting. To make it look more lively, answer all the comments on the posts that you publish, thus creating a question and answer atmosphere.

4. Share Content, Join the Steemit Community
Sharing in various social media and joining the Steemit community that suits the content. This method will increase traffic to posts so it has the chance to get a lot of votes. Moreover, posting can cause long debate, more and more users will comment on it.

The fourth way to get money from steemit above can boost revenue in Steemit. Especially for most people who have difficulty in making interesting posts, be commentators and voters. Comments and voting can actually be used as alternatives, so that all users can still feel passive income. For those of you who are interested, please register directly at Steemit and feel how to post with blockchain technology.