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Can dogs suffer from stress and anxiety?
If so, what are the signs and symptoms?

Yes, dogs are intelligent animals. Not nearly as intelligent as us (in terms of how we measure intelligence), but they certainly can feel stress and anxiety. 

I experienced trauma with animals as a child. This isn't speculation. I know for sure they feel stress and anxiety. 

Some signs would be:

  • Increased aggression towards humans, or other animals.
  • withdrawn, wanting to be alone, and no desire to be pet.
  • Losing control of bowls or bladder. This is a tell tale sign of abuse with an animal that is trained to go outside.

I have a strong hatred towards people who abuse animals, and hate is not something I like to harbor. 

Abuse towards an animal isn't the only thing that can cause it anxiety however. If your dog is exhibiting signs of anxiety or stress, there may be an underlying health condition, or even mental health condition that is affecting your animal adversely. If you are a dog lover, and take care of your dog, there shouldn't be much anxiety in the animal. You may want to consult with a Vet.


Yes, dogs can suffer from a plethora of symptoms of stress and anxiety, especially if they weren't trained properly or are scared of other dogs or people, this could also happen when they don't get enough exercise and don't play enough to burn their energy pools :^).

The common symptoms of a unhealthy dog are too much aggressiveness or passiveness, increase in unwanted behaviors like going to the bathroom in wrong places and the top accepted one that will definitely tell you that your dog is not OK is when they start chewing and destroying things around the house, sometimes dogs do this out of playfulness but if it gets out of control and they bite and chew everything, its a sign of stress and anxiety.


Dogs can suffer from anxiety and stress. One of the most common is separation anxiety , there is also noise stress and social stress.

Stress can be brought on by several things including but not limited to loud noises , pain, discomfort , boarding , moving , vet visits and a new pet or baby entering the home. And of course health issues.

We as owners can also transfer our own stress to our dogs.  They are smart and are in tune with us emotionally therefore one should not be surprised of the stress transfer.  We can help our dogs with this stress by first calming down ourselves.

Signs of stress differs with each animal the most common ones are stress colitis , loss of appetite , weight loss , restless behavior ,aggression and barking , growling , whining and improper elimination as well as other unwanted behaviors.

If you suspect that your dog is suffering from stress see your vet to rule out any health issues first.  Your vet can also give you some tips on handling and relieving your dogs stress.

Which will make all involved happier!

I wish you and your canine friend the best.


In Our case YES With New years eve only 3 days away and the fireworks Our oldest setter Charlie of 5 years old is restless, followed me everywhere. Outside just a little pee and than really quick back home. Its really so sad to See. And we are giving some naturel meds to get him relaxed before 31 dec 23.00 h. As a owner you know, you can See it in their eyes and their routine is very different ! So Watch body language and be sweet and talk to the dog so he Will be at ease. And remember it Will pass. Good luck !

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Anxiety disorders are probably the most common complaint of dog owners around the globe. An anxious dog will show his fear in many ways. It is up to you, as a responsible dog owner, to recognize your dog's stress, and take steps to either desensitize your dog, or protect him from stressful situations.

Signs of stress and anxiety can often be excessive drooling, shivering, moaning, panting, whining, or reluctance to move.
Separation Anxiety is by far the most common. Owners come home to chewed furniture, soiled floors and can hear the barking and crying three houses away. 


Dogs do suffer from lots of emotions.

Owners going away just for the day and you can hear the excitement when you return. It is genuine happiness as they have been worried while you have been away. You are their best friend. You feed and look after them and love them.

fireworks night is a stressful night for them and so many dogs run a way from home due to the loud noises. Our area has banned the fireworks now as it is cruel on all the animals.

Skin conditions can be bought on by anxiety so dogs have issues as well.


Yes, I have had dogs that suffered from stress and anxiety and they would literally have their fur fall out or would scratch themselves untill sores developed. 


Yes. Anxiety, stress and fear are actually very common in dogs and may result in nervous, aggressive or destructive behaviors such as barking and whining; excessive panting; shaking; pacing; urinating or defecating in the house; as well as chewing and scratching the furniture, carpet, etc. Dogs may also engage in self-destructive behaviors such as scratching and excessive chewing or licking of the skin.