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Which Steem authors do you believe deserve more visibility?
With so many authors creating content in so many different communities, it's hard to get your content noticed, I'm sure everyone has somebody who they follow who keeps on writing regardless of their rewards, purely because they enjoy what they're doing. Which authors do you believe are being missed simply because they don't boost their posts or have a large following? What do they write about?

There are different things to consider when you think about the way they "deserve" to be viewed.

In my oppinion, those who expand the blockchain are the more deserving of the visibility since they are the ones adding value.

A user that adds value can do it through 4 ways:

- Marketing the Blockchain;

- Creating Apps or Communities;

- Writing SEO Content;

- Helping the Blockchain.

What I say when I mention SEO on the content is - writers who write articles that google will pick up and therefore value the blockchain more.

People who create articles that are sought after and have more than 1000 words in lenght.

As far as communities, apps or blockchain promotion, these also develop the blockchain.

People who help in any way are the most deserving of visibility.



As a fiction writer,  I certainly think that fiction writers deserve more visibility. Writing fiction takes quite a long time. A typical chapter could take as long as 5 hours.

On the other hand, a typical blog post usually takes about 20 minutes. Some people are even posting little simple pictures that only take a minute or two. Compare these with a 5-hour fiction post that doesn't get a lot of recognition and you can see that it can be quite frustrating.

I've been attempting to make the fiction community better on Steemit by hosting the occasional story contest.

I got a lot of entries in my last contest, there were a lot of good stories too, however the initial post did not get very many upvotes. It seems as though people lately aren't being very generous with their votes. It would certainly be nice to see the fiction community gain more traction though.


I believe every steem authors deserve to get more visibility as long as they have good contents to

deliver,those authors that do not deserve visibility are the authors that are spammers because if their spam

contents get more visibility it would become a problem for the steemit platform and i do not want such thing to

happen,but i believe that any author with good content deserves visibility...