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Is it possible to install Windows 10 to a USB stick (not installation media) to use it everywhere? If yes how?
I was thinking about to have my own OS to use it everywhere. Usually I visit different palces with computers so it can be a good solution for me to have my own OS instead of a laptop.

Yes, it's possible and in an easier way than you could ever imagine. Since basically what we will do is install a copy of our OS in a flash partition so that when we go to another computer we only have to change the bios and start the OS from our portable flash memory.

Here I leave you the link of a detailed guide that I have gotten:




Yes it is possible to possible to install windows OS to a USB stick. In the last week I have tried this in my computer. I tried both windows and ubuntu by using a USB.  The steps to make your USB for using Window are given below.

  • Format your USB drive.
  • Download Windows 10 Disk image file ( ISO) file from www.microsoft.com. Download file which meet your system requirements. ( 62 bit or 32 bit)  
  • You need one more application software called WinToUSB . You can search and download this app from google.
  • Open Wintousb . From the opened window, click on open image file and select windows ISO file. 
  • Click on next..
  • Then select the destination disk ( Your USB)
  • From the coming dialogue box , select MBR for BIOS. Then click on “yes”  
  • Wait for few minutes till the partition shows. Click on next. 
  • Wait until installation gets completed.
  • Restart computer into recovery mood and select your USB . Then select start windows normally. 
  • Enjoy ….. it may be slow be patient .

You can also install Ubuntu on a USB using this you can use two software at the same time. whenever you think of using just connect USB and use.  Ubuntu is an open source system software. which is easy to use and most customizable system software. Steps to make your USB stick ready are given below. 

  • Format your USB
  • Download Ubuntu Iso file from www.ubuntu.com 
  • Download Power ISO app in your pc and make bootable USB.
  • At last switch your computer into recovery mood then select USB 
  • From The coming window , select “ Try Ubuntu” 
  • Enjoy…