The answer is quite simple, you should use the platform you both enjoy and you're able to provide value to. Personally, I don't use Steemit, I prefer the other sites on the Steem blockchain, but if you like to write content for your blog about your interests outside of sport then it's perfect for you. In terms of Scorum, I think that for sport's readers it's a great site. One of the problems I find with Steemit that there is too much content about cryptocurrency and not enough content outside of the space, content which more people can relate to, sport has a wider reach and therefore something I can see as quite appealing, overall having a site focused on a particular readership will be good and something we will likely see more of on the Steem blockchain when communities start to pop up. 


They are both interesting platforms with different targeted audience. 

Steemit has been around longer and has many more users. Its primary function is blogging on a wide variety of topics like cryptocurrency, travel and philosophy. It has a lot more developers working on it and many apps have been around the Steemit ecosystem. The main currency here is STEEM which can be powered up to STEEM POWER.

Scorum is specifically a sports blogging platform, fairly new (not much older than 2 months), and is geared towards those who want to really engage with other sports fans. The visual interface and site looks clean and is much more appealing than Steemit. The main currency here is Scorum Coin (SCR) which can be converted to SCORUM POWER.

Both the platforms reward authors and curators in similar fashion. If you are active in the community and do quality blogging, commenting and posting, you will get rewards.


I think they are quite different. I mean, there shouldn't be any competition.

Steemit is all about making posts, much like social media and get paid for your content. Steemit doesn't have their posts streamlined to a particular area. One can blog about food, travel, cryptocurrency, photography, fiction and the list goes on. Steemit is general.

This isn't same for Scorum. Scorum is all about Sports. I've only been there for two weeks but still I haven't seen any other category of posts aside of sports. It's more like Steemit but with sports as the focus.

I think steemit was the inspiration for Scorum. They have similar payout systems and Upvoting pattern. I dare say that most of these guys are copying from Steemit.

I'm yet to see how Scorum is better than Steemit though. The one I've noticed that Scorum doesn't have is the reputation score. I think it's a good thing too so that some people wouldn't be seen as the Lords, the way it is with steemit. However, aside from that, Steemit remains king!


Steemit, i have no interests in sport; only if i do it myself :D


steemit for the simple reason that it has more extension of the content type instead of Scorum which is a sports betting platform instead in steemit is a network in which you can do the same and many more things


Kf you are a sport lover then you might find scorum

more interesting because scorum is a platform that is totally dedicated to sports and i am sure sport lovers

wojld always want to get current information anout any

sport and also get new updates and news concerning sports,but for those of us that are not really into sports

that much then steemit would be our best choice because steemit is a great platform too a d there are

many contents to read on the platform...


This is a simple answer from me which is definitely different from steemit and scrorum.

SCRUM is a software engineering method using the principles of the AGILE approach, which is based on the strength of team collaboration, incremental products and the iteration process to realize the final results.

Scrum itself is not the only method that uses the AGILE approach. Maybe we have also heard of the Extreme Programming (XP) method which also uses the AGILE approach in software engineering. Each method has a different focus or emphasis which of course can be combined to produce an optimal process.


While Steemit is a decentralized social media platform. Steemit rewards users for posting their writings, as well as voting for other posts that are considered interesting. Your posts can be in the form of blog posts, as well as video content. This Steemit, built using Blockchain-based technology. More precisely, using Blockchain Steem. This has become a new way in the world of social media, especially its ability to blog and profit in a cryptocurrency-based system.