1-10 how much do you love Musing.io ?
On a scale from 1-10 how much do you love this site called Musing.io ?<br>also what should we do to promote this site ?
I'd give it a 7.5 at the moment.

It is an intuitive app and runs smoothly. It also gives a way to ease into creating content for the steem blockchain and promotes the basics of what the steem community is all about, people sharing and helping each other. Answering and asking questions is a great way to share and to help each other. Plus upvoting and rewarding each other is a definite bonus.

The other thing I like about Musing is they are constantly making improvements and in my opinion are making great progress. Plus they seem to take users comments seriously and tend to act fast on suggestions to make the platform better. Judging from some of the upvotes I've seen flying around on some really good answers I'd wager they, found a whale or two to do a delegation (In a minute I'm going to jump over and do a little SQL digging to find out...). This should help them promote, get and keep a few more people on the platform. (It is rather addictive).

One of the drawbacks I've noticed is not using markdown/html or some sort of wysiwyg editor for answer creation. Sometimes it would be nice or warranted to include a functioning link to additional content or an image. Like https://musing.io I guess you could go to steam, find the answer post and edit it there but that's a little extra. I think it's actually two-fold though I don't think the post/answer viewer on the site can display the images or links.

I actually hope it keeps improving, because I think this could be a great way to introduce some new users to the steem platform. Now if the steem dev team could just fix the 1 to 3 week wait to create an account that would be awesome.



 At the moment, I'd like to give musing 9 out of 10. I'm working on musing at 2 month. From the experience of working I'd give musing 9 to 10.

Musing, a platform of steemit where any steemit user can drop his/her question or answer anyone's question. Musing is especially helpful for newbies for everyone. When a new user comes to do steemit or musing he / she wants to know about many things.

I think musing is the best platform for acquiring knowledge. For this reason, I love musing. Everyone wants to know the unknown the subjects. I am also

When new users fall in any kind of problem, then should go to musing and ask for their problems by questioning. If anyone realize that he/she can solve his/her problem then he/she will post solution by commenting. In this way, not only newbies are benefited but also everybody are benefited.

When I was new user in seemit i fall many problems. But whenever I didn't knew about musing. When I find musing , i got a lot of solution. Musing is really a helpful platform. For that i'd give musing 9 out of 10.

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I'm liking this new way of winning steem. I just came in and I already asked some questions, although I still have not got votes, one thing that I miss is to be able to see the new questions, only those that have the most votes appear and that can hurt
I can say , since I logged in today, I am in love with Musing.io aka @musing, this is really a great app, which has the potential to surpass all other apps built on steem blockchain.
I'd give it a 9+.
It's a great way to earn steem plus it's highly interactive and fun to use.
Only downside is the comment ranking as the one with the had highest upvote is the feature answer.
Pretty innovative
Has great prospects

I am glad musing came to existence and kudos to the curators for their deligence, I really love musing. It has been so helpful financially and mentally..

financially - I earn by using musing, when the curators up vote my comment, I earn steempower which helps in building my Steemit account..

mentally - great questions are being asked on the platform and reading some of the answers to those questions increased my knowledge

I will give musing 9.9...if it is over 10


If 10 is the highest then I would go for 9.5 since much of my time is spent here. I actually enjoy reading through questions & answers which are interesting enough that I'm staying here.

I can't believe that I'm answering a 4 month question, but I'm glad to do it since I feel that it's still relevant up to this date.

But why 9.5 only if love this DApp? Mainly because I want to see a bit more improvement to it, especially on the engagement part, I believe there is more to it that needs a little more push. I'm optimistic about this DApp and I hope it keeps the fire going until it reach the 100k questions :)

I will give Musing.io a 9 out of 10. I think it is an innovation which would slowly lead to an invention of something new in the future. Just like Facebook when it just started. It led to many other new innovations that just grew and expanded. It is simple enough to use which is really good and leads directly to questions and answers.

My answer is 10! Musing has changed my life entirely. Before I came to Musing my earnings were as much as I could make posting and winning contests.

Musing made it possible to earn more even during these hard time, when Steem price is so low. The price of Steem is dropping and my account value is growing, that should count for something. But this is not all. Answering questions here day by day is my vocabulary practice. English is not my first language and my activity here helps me improve.

I love Musing, can't imagine my crypto life without it. I hope we can enjoy Musing for a long time.

At the moment I'd give it a 7 as well, mostly because I haven't used it enough to really get a good feel. I think it's a great app and a great idea as well.

Development behind it looks promising and the website itself is very smooth and clean.

Looks like its going to have a bright future!
This is my second day on here, but I like the site already. I love the fact that you can search out questions that interest you, give your honest-to-god answers on them, and earn steem.

So for that, I would also rate musing an 8
I will go with 7 in its current state. There can be a lot of improvement which can be made. Improvements like posting as anonymously just like quora, creating a community so that the questions should not overlap with each other, just like Teams of StackOverflow. Musing should also think of starting their own coin.
Brave with the text style, the design, the speed and simplicity. Well done on the option to post to blog or not. Very easy to use. 9/10 for concept and execution.
actually i am still not aware how to use it so i just open it once to check and now i am in love with it as i have already answer 10-12 question i dont whether i get reward or its my loss to spend my time their but i am loving it as my each answer has some worth and i feel my voice and opinion has some value so thanks you musing.io for finding me.
I'm going to go with 7. It's working great at the moment, but there's still room for a lot of improvements before I'm ready to give it an 8, 9 or 10. I believe there is a huge potential for this project, so hopefully the development team will keep up the good work, and keep improving it.
For me it is + 10.
Because such a project really deserves. Soon there will be no question about Steemit that will not find its answer here. I really hope that in the future not only the people on its steemit receive the much-needed response, and even come from outside people who can get answers to their personal questions. Mathematical exercises, investments, almost any kind of questions and answers will find their answer here.I hope that will happens very soon with this project.
I like Musing.io and will rate it at 8. This site is so much similar to what I already do which is posting on forums and I get paid a fix amount. Unlike Musing.io which taps into the power of steemit blockchain, my earning could be more.
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I will give it a 7.
7 for the great idea
Take off 3 points will give musing the room to become the best steem app
I just signed up today,still finding my way round it but so far I will rate it 7.Its simple to use, am loving the experience so far.
I will rate it 8/10 because it has given me more reason to stay on steemit.
Like i know that i will make it on steemit, since there is much to give on steemit directly to earn penny. I would rather support it with musing.
It has given me opportunity again to share and gain more knowledge and well as earn..
I will keep the remaining two marks until the application is out!!
Musing is getting there. I love it
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I love it. 10 all the way. I love how direct and to the point it is. Ask a question, get an answer. Easy and fast.